Supper time

My Aunt Debbie came over this evening with food from one of my favorite restaurants, South 21. The trout was so good, it had been so long since I had some.


It was an interesting dinner to say the least. First off, when Debbie walked in the door my children acted as though I haven’t fed them all day. They were grabbing her bags of food and yelling, ” What’s that?? I want some!!” So in a frantic rush I grab plates, start to cut up food to cool, and put Ty in the high chair with a distraction of puffs.


Finally, we can eat. I take a few bites when Zoe gets a speck of water on her dress. She immediately wants to take it off. Shorty after that she has to pee and wants my help. As I’m done helping her I see Ty grinning ear to ear while diarrhea leaks from the high chair to the floor. No lie… I told Debbie not to judge me and that I was gonna finish my food before I cleaned him up! Oh what a hungry Momma will do! ,Bout that time Zoe spilled her cup of water everywhere all while Willow is sneaking food off everyone’s plate!


The biggest part of me wanted to scream,”Can’t I just eat my stinking trout?!” But God’s grace was sufficient and I started to laugh. I know Debbie enjoyed the entertainment as always, she makes it that much easier to laugh.


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One Response to Supper time

  • Megan Gadd says:

    Been there too and I know first hand what us hungry Mamas can be like. Try a polar bear in spring or something else just as ferrocious. Needless to say, try snacking before meals. Something of substance to take the edge off. I like lunchmeat, cashews or raw almonds. It will help tremendously to give u more control. If u r unable to do that then just remember that Christ fasted 40 days AND THEN was tempted by the devil. I am sure we can handle a couple of hours :)…PS this will also help u loose the baby weight. By the time u get to your meal you might just find yourself full ;)…

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