When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Wednesday was our 9 year anniversary! This was the first one we have spent apart. Tim was at the fire station for 24 hours and I was at our home school convention. I wasn’t too disappointed about that because it was no surprise. I saw on the calender that it was going to work that way…no big deal.


We decided we would celebrate last night. We made reservations at an awesome farm to fork restaurant downtown. I had been thinking about it ALL day. I was so excited to first of all, be with my husband but second, to have some delicious food.


Once we got home from our last day of the home school convention things started going down hill. Ty would not nap. He was exhausted and overly stimulated. I kept thinking, “How am I supposed to get ready for my hot date?” As I’m calming Ty down I get THE TEXT from my husband asking if I can call and push our reservations back because he was going to be late. I was still doing pretty good at his point, still smiling:)


About 20 minutes after that the power goes out. So there we all sat looking out he window (my sister who was babysitting included) watching the hail, wind, and all our bouncy balls roll down the street.


I was still determined I was going to my fancy supper. I went upstairs to get dressed and laid

Tim out the least wrinkled shirt I could find.


Once he finally gets home and gets dressed he gives me, “The look.” I asked him what was wrong he said we probably didn’t need to go with the power being out. Ok, so then came the sulking. I went upstairs all pitiful, cancelled the reservations, put my hair in a ponytail and put on the ugliest pajamas I could find.


I wasn’t too terrible, the pity party lasted about 5 minutes before I came to my senses. Slowly God worked on my heart and I started thinking of all the million reasons it wasn’t meant for us to go out. I KNOW that God had a plan. Can I still smile when it isn’t mine? I didn’t pass the test very gracefully.


God gives so much grace and wants to make us happy. We were able to still sneak away for a quick bite to eat down the street and drop by dairy queen for some ice cream. I’m sure God is sitting up there thinking, “Girl, you don’t know how good you’ve got it!”

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