Questioning Modesty

I find myself these days questioning my attitude of MODESTY. Even saying that word makes me feel like an old fashioned frump, but nonetheless my views on the entire issue are slowly starting to shift. I think the definition of modesty for most people is very different. I’m trying to only focus on my convictions and not put those on other people.


However, my mind has been opened a little further since I now have a son. I am seeing more and more everyday how impossible it is to shield his eyes from all of the images that are thrown in his face on a daily basis. My daughters are also going to constantly see images and feel as though they never measure up.  Don’t even get me started on what my husband sees, the mama bear comes out! I have a lot of eyes to protect, including my own.


As I type out this post I realize how deep this issue really is.When did things change? When did we start accepting half dressed women on advertisements at the mall where I take my children? I need to do some praying on the right standards to set for myself and my girls. It all starts with me and my attitude. I can’t let them see me cast judgment, yet I have to exemplify a true woman’s beauty.


I’m thinking this is going to be tough. I am up for the challenge. I want to show my family what beautiful really is.

Beauty is respectable to my husband and those around me.

Beauty is a smile that lights up a room with a contagious laugh.

Beauty is accepting others as they are, yet staying true to your convictions.

Beauty is the stretched skin where a baby used to be.

Beauty is the farmer’s tan from swinging your kids on the swing set.

Beauty is confidence to know who you are in Christ.


Here is an awesome, thought provoking speech on the evolution of the bikini. It only takes one person for you to say hmm.. I think she’s on to something!






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