Classical Conversations

Can I just say,  I love Classical Conversations! This is a home school group that has been extremely beneficial to my family on our homeschooling journey. This is one of the many home school trains I plan on staying on to see where it leads.


Classical education is the way God created our minds to learn. This model is made up of the grammar, dialectic, and rhetorical phases. These phases are also based on scripture in reference to knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


Three Phases also know as the trivium.

For the sake of explaining I will use the grocery store as an analogy of how the three phases of learning work.

  1. Grammar (memorization)- Memorizing what food is in what aisle. Biblically: Knowledge
  2. Dialectic (reasoning)- Being able to reason that yogurt could be near the milk because they are both in the dairy family. Biblically: Understanding
  3. rhetorical (teach back)- Being able to use what hey have learned to can grab ingredients and make a cake for someone and give instructions on how they did it. Biblically: Wisdom


Every Thursday we meet with our group (community) and go over the new material we will be going over in home that week. The children also do a presentation every week along with an art project or science experiment.


For a home school Momma this stuff is awesome! It can be difficult to teach public speaking or dissect a frog at home. This gives them that chance and helps put us momma’s minds at ease.


As I have gotten older I have wished I had more knowledge of the world around me. I feel that if I had that background knowledge then I would feel more confident and validated to give my point of view. After test taking all of the history, math, or science I learned went right out the window.


The classical education has God in the center with every subject pointed back to Him while all being interrelated. With this model I will be able to show my kids HOW to learn anything. They can take what they are passionate about and then teach others and bring God glory all at the same time.


I would love to hear your experiences! Which home school groups have worked well for your family?

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