I Don’t Care

Ok, so here recently, I decided I just don’t stinking care anymore. But I’m thinking maybe that’s not such a terrible thing. Ya see, we have this dream to be out in the country on a little piece of land to grow our family and homestead. Well we actually feel like it’s more than a dream…  maybe a calling… our passion. Let me tell ya, nothing has been easy! From the real estate games, showings, and negotiations it has left me an emotional wreck. Though I hate to admit it,  when things haven’t gone my way I have questioned God. I wonder if He is testing me to see if I will trust Him, or if satan is tempting me to take my focus off God and try to control the situation myself.


Once we had our POD 85% packed our buyers decided to push back the closing by 2 1/2 weeks which threatens us of not being able to  move to the country house. I would be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t difficult or that I hadn’t shed a tear in frustration. Just today I realized something, I was never in control to begin with.


“A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9


Just because things aren’t going my way doesn’t mean they aren’t all part of God’s perfect orchestrated plan. My only job is to trust Him with all my heart, not lean on my own understanding, enjoy the ride, and tell of His goodness.


So no, I don’t care what happens. I’m feeling determined to not let this petty stuff on this earth steal the joy God has given me.


What are you putting back in God’s hands today? ( Even if you have to place it in His hands more than once)





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One Response to I Don’t Care

  • Donna says:

    Brittany, Having been the listing agent on your current house and the buying agent on your country house, I know how difficult this has been. I pray every day that it all works out. Well…actually I have prayed for smooth transactions, but somehow I feel God missed the word smooth. In the end, regardless of how this all works out, to God be the glory because He knows all of our hopes and our dreams and our hurts and our pains. He does answer our prayers even when we feel He doesn’t hear us. Moving is a very emotional endeavor and I commend you guys for holding it together as well as you have. In the end, we have what is important and that is love of God, family, and close friends.

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