Price tag of Children

To My babies.

Come to find out,  the eleven o clock news says that I should have thought long and hard before welcoming you or any other child into our family. Statistics say that y’all are going to cost us over 200,000 a piece! According to them, this price tag that has been placed on you is a huge burden to couples who are yearning for their perfect family photo shoot with their perfectly dressed little boy and little girl.


My darlings, let momma tell ya, they’ve got it all wrong. A price tag does not belong anywhere near a precious life like yours. You are a gift that keeps on giving. No, I may not go on a cruise every year or drive the newest vehicle on the market. But my heart and lap are full. God has loaned you to us, and He will provide for you better than we could ever dream of. You are loved, valued, and were planned long ago. Our bank account does not reflect if you were worth it or not.


My precious ones, let me also tell ya. This world makes you think you are entitled to many things that you are not. You may not have all the newest shoes or name brand clothing, but you will always have clothes on your back. You may not have every latest gadget or cell phone, but you will have a momma and daddy who want to talk to you face to face. You might not have fancy dinners at all your favorite places, but your momma will make you a feast every night. You might not be able to stay in the finest resorts on vacation, but you will get to stay up late by a campfire all night.


Don’t let this world trick you into placing price tags on places they don’t belong . If you can remember this, your life with be richer and fuller than you could have ever imagined…this is how we feel about you.


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4 Responses to Price tag of Children

  • Elise says:

    LOVVEE! I’m so glad that you post things that everyone else is thinking!

  • Jodie says:

    So very true! I get tired of people saying “How can you afford to keep eight children?” We can “afford” because there is a bottomless purse of love in our home. Okay, we do without things (new clothes, new car, gadgets..) – but truth be told – I don’t care for many of those things anyway. What a weird world it would be if we all sat down and kept a tally of how much our kids were costing us 🙂

  • Donna says:

    Brittany, your words never cease to amaze me. Wow! That really touched my heart. I am so proud of the mama you have become. In reality, we all need to be reminded of what is really important in life. Thank you putting it all into perspective. You are right. The world tells us that we should have all it has to offer when in reality all we need is love of family and friends. Then, we have more than what any price tag could ever give us. We have peace and assurance that a price tag could never provide. As Britt Nicole sings we are worth more than gold. All of us are and yet we often forget this valuable piece of information. You have taught me so much in your walk with the Lord. I really appreciate the way you share from your heart. I am so glad you are family to us. You have become the daughter I so desparately long to have. I praise the Lord that He knew from the beginning of the world that you and Tim would make a perfect couple and that one day we would be family.

  • Verna Spainhour Brewer says:

    It is encouraging to me to see a young mother who knows the value of children and knows they are a gift from God. We have his promise that he will provide. We don’t trust in money we trust in HIM. I am the birth mother of three, adopted one more and had thirteen through foster care. Now we are enjoying eight grandchildren…well ten, two are married and we claim their husbands.

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