A Special Birthday with a Very Special Announcement


Oh, our sweet, sweet Willow Ann, where do I begin? I’ll start from the day you were born, since it was by far one of the greatest days of my life. You let me feel the joy of mother hood for the first time. From that moment on, my life has never been the same. I’ll never forget the emotions I felt the first week we bought you home. I was made complete. It was breathing in God’s purpose for the first time, you sweetheart; gave me that. It’s funny how God knew you would someday be a big sister.  You have always had a strong independent character that leads just as the oldest sibling, and you do it so well. From the very beginning you have lit a fire under your dad and I to hold tighter to Jesus so He can show us what to do with your WILD and sweet spirit.


In a way this day makes me nervous, because I remember my fifth birthday. I realize that these memories we are making right now, you will possibly be able to retell to your own children some day. When your first baby turns five I hope you can recollect and tell them of the sweetness of  family and friends that have surrounded you today to celebrate everything about you, and this new passage of childhood that awaits you.



You my dear, are one of a kind. Your my sweet pea, my sunshine, my answered prayer, and purpose. Your what we call, in the words of Faith Hill, “A wild one with an angel’s face.” Your beauty shines from the inside out and you make the best parties in whatever room you enter. You were born for something special. As you start forming your memories in the years to come I pray you will always see the Lord’s hand through it all. He has you Willow, please don’t ever forget that. Thank you for giving us the privilege to be your Momma and Daddy and for teaching us, and loving us the entire way. Happy 5th birthday sweetheart!!!


Today we were also able to share with everyone that God has blessed us once again with another sweet one. God is so good!


Had to add this picture of Zoe because she is just so stinking precious!




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4 Responses to A Special Birthday with a Very Special Announcement

  • Donna says:

    Brittany, I can not believe how much has taken place in 5 short years! Wow! Between my two sons alone we have had 5 amazing grandchildren, a wedding, a funeral (my dad), and so much more. My grandchildren are so precious to me! I love every moment of being a part of their sweet lives. Thank you for blessing me with another precious bundle. I can’t wait to meet…him? her?

  • Sarah says:

    Congratulations – what a wonderful love filled post. You obviously love your family very much 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  • Michelle cline says:

    Congratulations on the new addition!! You have a beautiful family and yes God is so good!

  • Debbie Reynolds says:

    Brittany and Tim: congratulations on the gift of another child ! It’s so refreshing to read your blogs and to see how God is moving in your lives. You are an inspiration to us old folks and are being used as a vessel in raising your kids in a rotten world to prepare their hearts and souls for the love and Grace of God and the blessings on their lives because of your love for Jesus. Blessings to your new little one and for his/her siblings.

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