For The Worn Out Momma

Let go of  imperfection, inadequacies, and comparisons. Let go of failures, inexperience, and your negative self image. Let go of discouraging thoughts, satan’s whispers, and the lies. Let go of the guilt, time restraints, and the fast pace. Let go of the uncrossed to do list, unmade beds, and dirty dishes. Let go of meals from scratch, frustration toward kids, and a bad attitiude toward your husband.




Hold on to God’s perfection through your faith, your more than adequate in God’s eyes. Hold on to friendships that push you to grow. Hold on to memories of failures to see how far God has bought you. Hold on to the verse that tells you that you were made in the image of God. Hold onto every experience, they are gifts to share with others. Hold onto  encouraging thoughts, prayers, and truth. Hold on to God’s grace, freedom from the clock, and savoring moments. Hold onto people who made your to do list long, slept in the beds, and made the dirty dishes. Hold on to cereal and corndogs. Hold on to the hugs around your neck and a man by your side.


Here is to letting go of things in order to hold on more tightly to the most important.




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