As Long as the Babie’s Healthy?


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Most people have heard this their entire life. I have even said this statement myself. “It doesn’t matter if you are having a baby boy or a baby girls as long as it is healthy.” Just over a year ago this statement has started to strike a nerve with me. Not that anyone means anything by it when they say it, I certainly never did, but what if my baby isn’t what society would consider healthy? Then what? Am I not supposed to want it?


Just as in my previous post about God having a plan for everyone before the beginning of time. That goes for the, “Unhealthy babies” as well. I can stand as a testimony of my amazing sister Mallory who has severe autism. She has never spoken and has had seizures the majority of her life. She lives with my mom and step dad and will the rest of her life unless she is with me. This so-called unhealthy baby is now a woman who is such a blessing and a joy. She is wanted, loved, accepted, and beautiful. She knows nothing but God’s love and has never been tainted by this world. Trust me, she is closer to perfect than any of us could ever dream to be.


When someone like this is born into your family I strongly believe that the Lord keeps His hand on those families to equip them with the love and patience they need to persevere when things can be difficult. It would be an extreme understatement to say that we have experienced amazing blessing because of Mallory in our lives. I want to proclaim it from the rooftops that I would be honored if we were blessed with a child that needed extra grace from God to care for. I have seen the blessings overflow and felt the joy. I’m sure others would think this is crazy but Tim and I have considered adopting a child with special needs one day when God leads us in that direction. If it hadn’t been for Mallory I would have never learned these invaluable life lessons or have been able to teach my children. I am going to try my best to break my own habit of making the comment to parents and try to share a different perspective when the comment is said to me. Any one else ever pondered on this comment? What are your thoughts?


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8 Responses to As Long as the Babie’s Healthy?

  • Melissa Meyer says:


    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. It does take a special person to take on challenges that others want to avoid. There are many kids and adults with special needs who have done amazing things and are very creative in the way the touch people’s lives. Your outlook on life is so positive and encouraging.

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you so much Melissa! That means a lot. Yes, I agree with you, the way they touch peoples lives is very creative and without wanting any self recognition.

  • Georgia says:

    This is so beautiful and true Brittany! Being pregnant for the first time can create some worries by the things people say, this reminded me of the truth. God doesn’t make mistakes. He knows just what we need. You have a beautiful family!!

  • Elise Traver Granger says:

    WOW! I think you hit the head on the nail! People don’t like to think about their perfect baby in utero not being ‘healthy’ and ‘perfect’. I an 8 yr old w/ a rare genetic eye condition called Achromatopsia. We knew when she was 6 weeks old there was something wrong with her vision. Two opinions later at Duke Eye Center and we knew, she’s legally blind. However, most people would think wow, how do you do it? Especially once she began to learn her cane. People would say, how do you deal with the starring and rudeness from others? Long story as short as possible, she is a very intelligent girl with an old soul, who was born w/o all her sight for a purpose…God has a plan. Two and half years ago my 2nd girl was born, same eye condition. I look at as I am even more equipped to love and take care of all her needs. She is a firecracker that has no fear and will probably make people move out of her way in life, not help her. Then our 3rd girl came last year. She did not inherit the Achromatopsia. She proves that love of a child has no bearing on what or who they are….she’s just my 3rd girl…it wouldn’t of mattered if she was born blind, deaf and mute as far as I’m concerned because I know there is a bigger plan. I love all three equally, and could really care less about birthing a boy….as most people assume is usually the case.

    • Brittany says:

      What an amazing story and testimony! The fact that you don’t feel bad for yourself but see them as a privilege to care for is exactly what Im talking about!

  • Linda says:

    This is a wonderful post Brittany. Every single baby is precious to God, formed by Him, valued and loved by Him. Shouldn’t every single baby be loved and valued by us as well? I’ve known many families over the years with a child (or children) who have physical or emotional or mental short-comings, disabilities if you will. The vast majority of them have learned amazing lessons from their children and wouldn’t give up the experience of raising that child.
    I would venture to guess that your sister just might God’s love even more than the rest of us, who are burdened with the worries distractions of this world.
    Thank you for your post today – it’s an emotional topic, but one we should visit, reminding us of the value of life.

  • Gabrielle says:

    Yes, I completely agree! My second baby was born with a rare lung defect, which we discovered at 6 weeks old, when he had to have emergency lung surgery to save his life. He’s totally fine now, at 2, but there was a time when we really didn’t know what the future would hold. After that experience, I realized just how much God grows us through our “unhealthy” babies. I also frequently hear “we’re blessed with good health,” but I know that God blessed us through our trial and made us more like Him through it. I’m so glad you shared this wisdom. Found you through Raising Arrows!

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