Make Childhood Magical

I am 100% preaching to myself in this post. How often do we, “Act like kids,” with our children. Sadly, I don’t do it often enough. To get down on the floor with them and share in their deep belly, throw your head back kind of laugh is what I’m talking about. How often do I throw the grown up attitude out the door and race to the swing set to be the first to go down the slide? I know… It’s hard to do sometimes. Not because we don’t want to, but because the thoughts circling our minds are in constant motion. To toss them to the side for a moment we fear we will lose control (Not that we ever felt like we are in control anyways.) Most moms desire to be fun mommas. This doesn’t mean that you run yourself ragged running them to every function, or that your take your hat of authority off to put on the one of a best friend. It means that you want their memories to be sweet of you. I want them to see me laughing it off when they get drenched in the hose outside. I want to feel their  hand in mine as we run through a sprinkler, or even stay up a little later for the aggravating pillow fights they like to have:)



These babies of ours only get one childhood. Lets give them one they will want to talk on and on about when thy are older with their own children. My desire is to show them how to laugh at themselves, to lay in the backyard watching stars, and to point out the beauty of creation that God has put all around us. I desire to make it magical, memorable, and full. With God’s help everyday I CAN give this gift to my children. Maybe this is yet another reason God wants to give children so that we will take our minds off all the serious stuff for a bit and focus on the pure and sweet stuff that He has blessed us with in this world.


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One Response to Make Childhood Magical

  • Donna says:

    Brittany, You and Tim are amazing parents. Your laid back approach to parenting has provided your children with a sense of security and the ability to be kids. Sometimes I think as parents we are just so tired and we strive so hard to keep with the schedule that we forget that we need to embrace those moments when the kids just want to catch a lightning bug or make one more trip down the slide before going inside. I have to admit, I have learned with my grand children to relax a bit more and ceise the moment. It is refreshing and it helps us get in touch with our inner child. You know we still have that little girl or little boy down inside somewhere. However, we fight to allow her or him the freedom to come out very often. So…enjoy those moments when you can. You will create memories that will last a life time for you and for your kids.

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