Facing Judgements and Ridicule

When I listen to my mom talk of the horror stories of drama that my sisters put up with in their middle school and high school careers, it literally makes me feel nauseous. I too have been there and can remember it so vividly. From the gossip, back stabbing, and tears they are not all fun times to recollect. As I did my usual pondering while the kids were out playing I was thinking and hoping that maybe since my children will be home schooled they won’t face the kind of stuff I did, or what my sisters are having to go through right now. Then it dawned on me… I am no longer in school, I am a grown woman with a family of my own, and I do not see my peers on a regular basis; yet I still face judgements and ridicule on a daily basis. I remember my mom telling me that adulthood was a lot like a grown up middle school. The only difference today is that my peers and my school are no longer my world. I now have my own priorities and things to keep my mind off all of the people in this world who’s only agenda is to bring you down. In reality this really doesn’t stop the fact of wanting to be liked by others and be everyone’s friend. I suppose as you get older you realize how impossible that is, but it’s only human nature to still have the yearning.


Being a conservative Christian woman can be tough in today’s world. There is a pendulum that swings far from one side to the other as far as extremes go. The truth is, we can all only speak for our own convictions the Holy Spirit places on us. As long as they line up with God’s word then I feel we need to just leave people alone unless we are going to pray for them or encourage them. An example of this is that some Christians believe alcohol should never touch your lips. If this is their conviction, then I pray that they hold fast to that and trust God. Me on the other hand, I love wine. Honestly, I’ve never felt convicted about this. Drinking it til I’m drunk is an entirely different thing that I have no part in as it is sin. If you are a Christian and get drunk every Friday night it is in no way my place to judge you. In God’s eyes, my judgment is no different from the person getting sloppy drunk, in fact He hates it. He wants to see His people waiting with open arms when a fellow believer falls.


I have felt ridicule for the amount of children I have or am going to have, for homeschooling, or for simply being a goody-goody. Honestly whenever I feel a conviction from God about something new instead of obeying the first time like I teach my children to do, I admittedly first think, “Oh gosh what’s so and so gonna think about this? They will for sure think I’m crazy now!” I’m just wanting to shout it out through the words on this blog that I am praying for boldness, to follow hard after God no matter the judgements or ridicule that will follow. I’m praying to be quick to give answers from the Holy Spirit when I am questioned with my convictions. No, not in an ugly way, but the tender to way that God desires in hopes to shed a small light on an issue and have someone think differently about a situation. I’m praying to live a life worth living. I don’t have to be loud and boisterous, but I can certainly live the life God has given me walking in His grace for others to see. That in itself is the most powerful witness to others.


My advice for my sisters is to live the life worth living, approval from the world will NEVER come when you belong to GOD, but it’s ok. His grace and mercy covers all, reveals all, and loves all. You are precious to the ONE that matters.


image My beautiful sister Emma on her 13th birthday.    image My other beautiful sister Lily working hard at Chick fil a:)

image One of my life long friends from middle school whom holds no judgements and loves me as I am.


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8 Responses to Facing Judgements and Ridicule

  • Myrti says:

    I am so glad I decided to read your blog today, this was something I truly needed. Even the smallest things like that are controlled by God.

  • Krista says:

    I just love you Brit and I hope you have never felt judged or ridiculed by me! I love your little family 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    This is a thoughtful and heartfelt post. I agree with you that school years are difficult for many children – and I say that as someone who works in a school. People can be so mean to one another – both as children and as adults. I think you do the right thing by focusing on you and your life and by not letting others get inside your head or heart.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  • Jeannie says:

    Wow, I must have been meant to check your blog out, Thank you for this post… I struggle with false sense of guilt, because what would my “Christian” brothers and sisters think, ect ect. I did not like school, peers were mean and it did not ever make sense to me the cruelty that was inflicted. Thank you for sharing, it is encouraging and the pictures are beautiful..

  • Kerith Stull says:

    As the mother of a 17yo with moderate cerebral palsy (a clearly visible “differentness”), I often feel the heavy weight of judgment and ridicule. It was even more heavy when we homeschooled for three years. So many questions from others. SO much explaining. Thanks for reminding me I never have to worry about Him.

  • Kris (Gilstrap) Wortman says:

    Hi Brittany! So proud of you and whom you’ve become! I’ve always told you to stay true to who you are in Christ! Hugs and kisses to everyone, including that sweet husband of yours. Please tell your mama hello for me.

    Kris (Jackie’s mom)

  • Visiting today from the Growing Home blog link-up. I appreciate your honesty, something this world lacks entirely! Being a “conservative” Christian has a meaning to each person and their perspective, but to be judged for the beliefs we hold dear is never something we expect to have to do. I’m glad you are standing up and saying this is my life, thank you to the One who gave it to me – let us never conform to things of this world, yet be transformed by the renewing of our minds. http://vintagehousewife.org/2013/10/01/technically-speaking/

  • Donna says:

    Brittany, we all struggle with a sense of belonging in one way or another. I am taking a class called Changes That Heal and it has made me realize that many of our insecurity issues stem from a time when we were hurt by another imperfect human being. Dr. Henry Cloud, one of the authors who co-wrote the book that goes along with the study, says that if you have an umbilical cord, you came from a disfunctional family. I have judged myself against others for years and even tough I trust God and follow His ways, at times I still deal with a feeling of not measuring up to others expectations of me. Hang in there! You know we love you!

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