My Secrets For Doing it All

I have had numerous people ask me lately, “How do you do it all? You’ve got three small children with one on the way, write a blog, home school, and still find time to bake! ” The first secret is I don’t do it all! Not even close. In fact, I have felt anxiety rise a bit as we are reorganizing and moving the kid’s bedrooms upstairs. Things are messy, crazy, and basically there is just crap everywhere. I was then reminded for the millionth time by God that, yes this mess needs to be cleaned, but not all at once and not over the priority of my family or over my health by stressing.


The Lord is slowly healing that broken perfectionist bone in my body. I have come to the point in my life that I have realized it all wont ever be done or caught up. There will always be a mess to clean, a nose or butt to wipe, or a pile of laundry along with stacks of dirty dishes.


My second secret that I have recently started doing is I pray for God to prioritize my day for me before I start anything. I pray for Him to give me the time, energy, and patience to accomplish what His will for me and the kids is that day. I have found that when I pray that way, He has miraculously multiplied my time. I don’t go to bed at the end of the night thinking,”Ugh I didn’t get anything accomplished today!” Instead I feel empowered that I managed my home and children well. What God saw was important got accomplished through His strength in me. As our family continues to grow my list of responsibilities and messes will follow. But I do know that whatever He has entrusted me with, He gives His amazing grace to not only get the job set before us done, but to do it well.


So here it is ladies,  my biggest and most important secret…It is not about me, but about Him, without Him I can’t do anything, with Him I CAN do it all that He has called me to do.

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3 Responses to My Secrets For Doing it All

  • Visiting today from Fellowship Friday blog hop. You and I have struggled over the same issue – perfection. When my children were wee little ones I used cleaning and perfection as a defense to my feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. Now, being saved by my faith in Christ, I can “relax” and find solice in His will for my life. Thank you for sharing your heart today 🙂

  • Gertrude says:

    I only have one child and so I don’t have as much responsibility and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Definitely learning to let go of perfectionism has helped. And then of course partnering with the Holy Spirit as I begin my day. Great post.

  • Donna Short says:

    Amen! He will show us what we are supposed to get accomplished every day if we take the time to include Him in our preparations. I try (and sometimes succeed) to pray this prayer as I spend those first few moments with Him each day. “Lord go before me this day and help me know all that you would have me do. Lord go with me this day and help me accomplish all that you have planned for me today. Lord go after me and leave Your grace with all those that I have touched today. Even when I pray this prayer, I often feel inadequate, but at least I know that He is with me in all that I face and somehow it makes the day feel much more productive.

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