A Stubborn Bossy Granny

Yesterday was my Granny’s 75th birthday. I am not lying when I tell ya that this woman is one of a kind. If there were words to describe her, they would perfectly match the title of this post. Yes, she is stubborn and bossy, but with that kind of will comes a God-fearing woman who believes in her passions no matter what. As I get older my husband loves to point out our similarities! I confess I am not NEAR as bossy, and she would agree:).


The awesome vision here is that you never know what kind of legacy you are going to pass down to future generations. The good and bad qualities about us are what make us memorable and able to pass something down that’s useful and worth it. My Granny believes when the Church doors are open then you better be in that pew. She believes no meal is complete without a big slab of butter and grandchildren to feed it to. She loves her morning paper with black coffee and would read it and drink the coffee all day if time allowed. She believes in escaping reality with her late night TV shows of, “Dancing With The Stars”, and “David Letterman.” She knows when you’re hurting, and in her own way makes you feel better by just saying, “Honey you just got to trust in God.”  She believes in a warm home, making your bed, and changing bathroom rugs like it’s nobodies business. This woman has had no major accomplishments or won any grand prizes from society’s perspective. However her love, character, passions, and even her stubbornness are knit through all of us. For that, she has accomplished great and mighty things.


I wonder what legacy I am knitting through to generations after me? I feel like because of Granny and all the God fearing women in my family before her, that I can pass on the same convictions, passions, and even rebellion to my children and their children’s children. For all these reasons and many more I feel so happy and blessed to have a stubborn and bossy Granny. Happy Birthday you crazy woman! We all love you to pieces!




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One Response to A Stubborn Bossy Granny

  • Donna Short says:

    Brittany, God will honor you because you are honoring your family. I love them all very much and I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to become a part of such an amazing, close-knit group of people. It is my desire to be the mother and grandmother that Granny is to her children and grandchildren. In the end, nothing matters more than those we love. Awards and rewards are temporary, but our precious loved ones are eternal. Please pray that the Lord will help me to become the woman He wants me to become just as Granny has.

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