5 Things I Never Knew About Homeschooling

I’ve been homeschooling for over a year or so. I have learned a lot in this short period of time about myself, my children, and homeschooling in general. A lot of the things I have learned I’m sure I was told, but there is nothing like learning it all first hand. I have lowered my expectations considerably and have learned to accept the following:

  1. My house will always look like a tornado went through it. It may stay clean for a total of five minutes, but that’s about it. These babies are learning, growing, and creating constantly. The disarray of crayons, baby dolls, books, and trucks have become my new normal. Don’t get me wrong, its fun around here, but good gracious it’s messy!
  2. They really are learning all day. I’ll admit there are times I want to be done with being the teacher and want to just be momma. I’m learning that they go hand in hand. Rather it be teaching them to tie their shoe, to say thank you, or to quit picking their nose and use a tissue. The teaching and learning never stops. Education is a lifelong process that can’t be wrapped up into a couple of hours a day. Math and reading are a very small part of the equation.
  3. You have just as much laundry. I’m actually thinking I may even have more, here’s how I came to this conclusion. They wake up and after getting breakfast all over their pajamas they are ready to change clothes. Once formal school is over, they head outside and usually end up completely filthy. They come running in and have lunch then want to put on new pajamas for rest time. Once they get up from their naps…you guessed it, back outside, but with new play clothes since the others are dirty. Finally, the day ends with a fresh pair of pajamas at bedtime. As far as the baby… there’s poop, pee, food, and any other thing he can get into all over him. Since he can’t complain he just stays filthy all day:) -No, the poop and pee don’t stay on him!
  4. You never leave the kitchen. We’ve got a cute little playroom/ home school room. My husband recently put in shelves to help with the organizing and space. It seems no matter how hard I try to have a cute little learning day in there, we all end up in the kitchen with books and papers everywhere. I think it’s just because they ask for a gazillion snacks a day. Some days I feel as though I don’t leave the room until bedtime. Good thing I love eating too!
  5. The amount of patience required. I had no idea all of the learning I would encounter this year. It really is a lot of sacrifice and giving of grace to your children. I mess up quite often. Yet, this is just another way for my kids to watch me have humility, ask for forgiveness, and seek God’s help. In return, I have also experienced something I didn’t know about homeschooling. Through all the struggles, aggravations, and grace there is an unexplainable joy when you watch your child learn something for the first time. I’m telling ya, there’s absolutely nothing else like it! It’s an amazing rush of emotions that makes this all worth it. I see it as God’s gift to me, to help me keep trucking along.

I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. Homeschooling has been one of the most rewarding blessings for our family. So… Do you want to do it too?:)


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One Response to 5 Things I Never Knew About Homeschooling

  • Donna Short says:

    Brittany, you just described motherhood, regardless of whether you are a mother of children who go to school or are homeschooled, the dirt and mess of having children never ends. Yes, patience is definitely something you learn as you raise babies. It is God’s way of teaching us unselfishness and sacrifice.

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