Protecting Their Innocence

I never gave it much thought until I became a parent. The idea of protection seemed overrated. I assumed that one day when I had children that they would learn all of the bad stuff in this world anyways, and that they may resent me if I tried to, “Hold them back.” Boy oh Boy has my perspective changed dramatically since I held that beautiful baby girl in my arms for the first time. From that day forward it has become my mission to protect her and any of her siblings from this world of ours, that seeks to damage their sweet spirits.


For me, this doesn’t necessarily mean keeping them sheltered and hidden from all of the terrible things in this world. It’s about relishing in the true and pure joy of just being a child. Innocence in a child is a precious and sacred thing. Once it’s gone their minds are tainted. To protect it is a gift we can give to our children.


How many of us would give anything to not know of the terrible things in this world? Why burden our children with it? Let me clarify, I am not saying to not let them know about the less fortunate or encourage them to brainstorm on ways to help. I am talking about the news, having heated debates about politics in front of them, and of course most commercials on TV now are completely inappropriate for children. I know some would disagree but I am convinced that children these days have it much harder. They are bombarded 24 hours a day by a world that is seeking to rob them of their precious childhood and treat them like adults. Never before in history have more children had their own cell phones, computers, I pods, or TV’s. They now dress like adults, talk like adults, and look like them. I’m not saying all of these are wrong. Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but what ever happened to the tacky dressed kid with their hair not brushed climbing in the tree?


It just seems like we have forgotten the joy of being a kid. Our children only get one childhood. Let’s make it awesome for them!


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