No Ordinary Day

I came across this devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries yesterday morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Let me set the scene…my youngest Ty did not sleep that great the night before. I was up early to catch a brief moment by myself when my early bird middle child comes to join me with her breakfast request. (It’s still dark) I remind her of this EVERY morning and that she must wait till the sun comes up for breakfast time. I was a bit aggravated at the monotony and I guess you could say the prediction of how the day was going to unfold. I’m sure moms with small children can relate that it seems you just hit repeat on the day before and go through the motions once again only to collapse in bed and do it all again the next day. It’s joyous at times, tiring at times, and most of the time we just do what we have to do on any given day.


The devotion I read, shortly after I finished rolling my eyes with a sigh, talked of the magnificence of our days. The point I took from the devotion is that there are NO ORDINARY DAYS. God places every tiny detail where they should be to splendor His glory and it’s up to us if we are looking for it or not. This daily grind of raising children is the highest calling. The pure simplicity of being with your kids guiding them along every meal, every game, every time out, and every laugh IS MAGNIFICENT.


When I look back on my own childhood I don’t remember any big super moments my parents did for me. I barely remember the Disney world trips. I couldn’t tell you one thing that was under the Christmas tree. I have no recollection of the special days. What I do remember are the ordinary days. The dancing, playing, rewinding my favorite movies for the millionth time, the talks, the dinners. It’s the entire lifetime that makes it remarkable…the daily grind.


Now to shift this into practice for my own family. It is the shoe tying, the wiping of noses, and smiling while I brush their teeth, pulling them on the counter to pour in the flour… yes, all of this IS magnificent. All things worth it never come quickly. This day-to-day of ordinary IS changing lives. The reason? God ordained it. It’s about what we do with it.


Thank you God for sending me what I needed in your perfect timing.

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