Raising Boys To Be Real Men



Obviously, I do not have much experience in this area. My son is 18 months old, and son #2 is still cooking. What I do have is a Godly vision for my boys and a path that I can see God has set forth in His word for parents to follow to raise leaders.


Recently in my post about why people are waiting for marriage. I challenged women to not put off making the commitment of marriage when it is in God’s will. I received a comment from one of my readers stating that a lot of it has to do with the men. She stated that she had been waiting patiently, but most men wanted to run from their commitment. Of course there are exceptions, but this does seem to be a common trend.


I’m not sure when it happened, but overtime it seems our society is trying to demasculinize our boys. We as mothers can easily dive into the culture of making them, “Momma’s boys.” – I know, I’ve thought it myself. We want him clean, sitting still, first on the team, time to rest and play, and to be treated like his sisters.


The thing is, God didn’t create him to do those things. It is a proven fact that males have a completely different genetic makeup. Why are we going against nature? God made them to be active, dirty, driven, sweaty, competitive, and rough around the edges.


He needs to feel the sting of sacrifice, yet learn of  a woman’s love through his momma. We do this not by pacifying them but by respecting them. We need to encourage work ethic and their initiative. We need to stand by our boys when the world tells them to indulge and be lazy. Let’s be the cheerleaders helping them to see their future and where diligence will get them.


Studies show that the majority of boys will grow up to marry a woman like their momma. Scary huh?  Let’s make sure they marry a woman who takes everything your son does and makes it 10 times better. Rather that be his passions, his walk with the Lord, financially, positions of leaderships, or friendships. Let’s raise them to look forward to the commitment of family. It is not something to run away from because the world says you’re not “Ready or mature enough.” It is a privilege and blessing that God has called him to disciple his wife and children.


When our boys reach the stage of marriage we as mothers need to take a step back. It is no longer about us but about his wife. We are to be the facilitator, helping  him leave and cleave to his wife. Encourage their time together, only give advice when asked, yet pray like there is no tomorrow. (He is now the leader)


It’s not easy when these boys are our babies. But if your are a mother and have been blessed with a boy it is our calling to raise them the way God intended. To lead and provide for the next generation. There is nothing more pleasing to a momma than a God-fearing man. Let us all keep up the good work ladies!


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3 Responses to Raising Boys To Be Real Men

  • Christa says:

    So I have no boys…two girls actually 3 and 1. I have began to worry so much about when they grow up and get married, because I see the same trend in how ‘men’ are raised today. It is so refreshing to see a parent who is taking the time to raise godly men. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Nicole says:

    I have one baby boy (10 months old today!) and I am definitely wanting to raise him to know the Lord and be a strong man of God. We don’t have too many of those any more and we as Christian moms have an important task at hand, as you said, with our little men.

  • Sunni Brown says:

    Thanks for this Brittany. This trend is definitely real, and I’m SO hopeful when I hear other mamas who see it in our society and are fighting against it, by and for the will of God.

    For more on this topic, the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge is fantastic! It is geared toward men, but is so eye-opening to us girls to see into the heart of God’s design for the men in our lives.

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