No Debt Equals Opportunity

It is a well-known fact that debt can cripple us. Every one knows it, it’s not a secret. Why do we continue to get into it? It seems in the moment it is the easy way out, in fact it is the exact opposite. We never know what financial hurdles we will face in the future. The new shiny stuff is nothing compared to a piece of mind. Right now the 20,000$ car is easy to finance but what about the next month when you furnace goes out, or there are unexpected doctor bills? That’s when people find themselves in a real pickle and start asking others for money. They think there is no way out when in fact they could just sell the stuff they couldn’t afford in the first place. They would then have confidence to jump the hurdle, peace, and a strong will to push through and earn more money if needed.


Honestly, its super easy to type all this out. It’s quite another to live it out. We have been debt free except our house for maybe 5 years now. Although we have a great peace and we know this is right, we are still tempted. Admittedly we have thought, “Oh just forget it, let’s get a credit card and get this house project done!” We have even wondered how it’s so easy for others to borrow money and wished sometimes our conscience would let us. We have such a strong conviction to stay out of debt that we would drive ourselves crazy. We tell ourselves, “Let’s face it we just aren’t like most people.”


When the spirit of “want” tempts to creep into our lives I try to remember that no debt equals opportunity. When you owe to no one you are able to look at the world in a completely different way. When God sits situations and opportunities in front of you , you can take them and be excited without wondering where the money will come from. It’s sitting in your bank account instead of going to numerous lenders. This is how wealthy people stay wealthy. They owe money to no one and are able to seize opportunities and take advantage of them thanking God the entire way. They aren’t just, “lucky.” They have worked hard and delayed their gratification, vacations, new cars, and mansions to build their wealth.


This is where I want to focus my energy. I want to change my family tree. I want my children to know how to work hard, save, delay their gratification, and help others. I want them to teach this to their children and keep passing this lost art along. We may never be rich, but we will be comfortable taking God’s opportunities as they come and blessing others with it.


If this sounds like a dream to you it’s not. We got started with the Dave Ramsey plan and haven’t looked back ever since. Live the way God intended. Free from the curse of debt. We aren’t quite there yet, but so far it feels amazing.

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