Super Mom

I found this beautiful quote on Pinterest the other day….


“Give me patience when little hands tug at me with ceaseless small demands. Give me gentle words and smiling eyes, to keep my lips from hasty sharp replies. Let not fatigue, confusion or noise obscure my vision of life’s fleeting joys. So when the years to come my house is still, beautiful memories its rooms may fill.”


This has been so fitting for the past couple of days. Here in the south we don’t get snow often, so when it does we go digging for every hat, glove, and jacket we own to go outside for maybe 10 minutes before running back in. If your my children they last maybe 3.5 minutes. I’m telling y’all I pulled off and on wet clothing ALL DAY from these youngins. They were having so much fun, but my patience was running thin. I remember looking at them and telling them, “Please don’t ask me to do anything else, do y’all think I’m super mom or something?” They just looked at me puzzled. I realized that yes, they do think I’m super mom. They think nobody can do it like me! Me, of all people they put every expectation and demand on with complete faith knowing I will take care of them. Even something as small as putting Barbie’s dress on for the millionth time. It’s her need.


All aggravations aside when you think about it, it is truly an honor to be that to someone else. Rarely in a lifetime to people get that kind of faith and admiration, but I do every single day. Though the pressure is tough and the demands are great I must be doing something right or they would have quit asking me:) Remember that today when you reach 10:00am and are already on your millionth request of the day. They think your super mom!


Lord give me patience to commit to doing this job and it entails to the best of my ability. I pray I will always be that person they can count on to do it all and show them where my strength truly comes from.



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3 Responses to Super Mom

  • Shelly says:

    Thank you. Dealing with the constant requests (demands) of ten children (eleven if my 20 year old stops by needing somethings) can make me grumpy at times. I’m going to ask one of my kids to write this out so I can frame it.

  • samantha says:

    You ARE a super mom!! You are there EVERY SINGLE day and haven’t missed a moment. Don’t put pressure on yourself, and remember even those days when you feel like a total failure, (you have no nerves left, the house is a wreck, and nothing is going right,) in their eyes you are still the BEST mom is whole world. And that is all that matters. Have a wonderful weekend

  • Cassidy says:

    Such a beautiful post. I am re-entering the blogger world and found your beautiful blog. I am already enjoying it! May you be blessed! Drop by and leave me a little note if you get a moment. My first post back was written tonight. Blessings, Cassidy

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