The word home doesn’t mean what it used to. It used to be place of safety, comfort, love and learning. To strangers, the home was a place of warmth, belonging, and rejuvenation from the world.
Today, home has become a place where people sleep and pass by one another. Our fast lifestyles are catching up with us so we try to fill our houses with stuff to fill in the void. The real thing missing is family and relationships.
This trailer from Focus on the Family called Irreplaceable is very eye-opening as to what our views of marriage and family as a culture have become. It saddens me, yet pushes and convicts me to line my home up with God’s will and what it is designed for. Here are some of my goals for my home this year. After all, it is the center and heart beat of us all. I want it as strong and healthy as possible in order to reach our fallen world.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKRJBiPoGeg
For My Home…
  • I want to actually be at home. I can accomplish nothing if no time is spent there.
  • Nurture the sick and broken.
  • Raise up the next generation.
  • Pass down scripture, recipes, and the how to’s of this life.
  • Provide rest for my family.
  • Provide a constant eye, ear, heart, and hug to my husband and children.
  • Have home cooked foods to fill hungry bellies.
  • Warmth in the winter and cool breezes in the summer.
  • Laughter to be the continuous tune.
  • A place where examples are made for marriage, love, and determination.
  • A place to always feel close to God and hear His voice.


These are just a few of a continuous list I should always have circulating in my mind. How about you? What do you think about when you hear the word, “Home?” Do you have anything to add to the list?


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One Response to Home

  • Melissa says:

    I found your blog on a link-up a couple of weeks ago and have delighted in it since! I’m subscribed by e-mail. Your post this morning is in line with my own passions and convictions, but even then I tend to forget. I felt the joy and peace in the home beginning to slip a bit lately, and I needed this reminder of how important is the fight and to run the race marked out for us with endurance. Thank you so much for the reminder; that is why I visit blogs and have my own! Keep up the encouraging writing.

    I’ll pray for your goals and steadfastness this morning.


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