Real Love

Real love isn’t at first site. It isn’t flowers. candy, and cards. Love isn’t long uninterrupted conversations staring deeply into each other eyes. Love isn’t for when the bank account looks good and your cutting into your filet mignon with a glass of wine. Love isn’t running in the rain, staying up late dreaming, or amazing getaways.


I’ll take the real love any day…


Real love fills up my car with gas. It let’s me sleep in if the baby has kept me up all night. It lets me fall asleep night after night on the couch with a  gentle reminder to go to bed. Real love holds back your hair when your sick. It holds your hand through tears, stress, hardships and the pregnancy hormones. Real love goes out and works hard for us to give his family the very best. Real love can hold a conversation with you while the phone is ringing and 3 other kids are trying to get your attention. Real love knows instead of steak you just want pancakes for supper:)


Today I am so thankful for what our love has grown to be. Not because it’s Valentines day but because of the everyday reminders of a true love sacrifice.


Love ya babe, Happy Valentines



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