Praise Them

Monday morning the kids and I were out running errands. To most we looked like a freak show. (9 month pregnant lady, grocery cart overflowing, a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and 20 month old) At this point it was our third stop of the morning, so far so good, but you never know when the toddler meltdown will happen.


We made it to checkout when the manager came over to help. She said the words that every Momma craves to hear, “Wow, this is the way well behave children should act!” Yep! She was talking about MY kids?! I looked at them, saw them standing beside me at the buggy with smiles on their faces and I said, “Yes your right they are being very well-behaved.”


As I got to the car I was convicted and wondered to myself often I praise my children for a job well done. Even though that woman complimented my children I was the one beaming the rest of the afternoon. My point is, everyone needs the praise and encouragement to keep at it and keep going.


How often do we as moms grab the phone right when we get in the car to let our husbands know how terrible the kids acted in he store? I know I’m guilty of that a lot more than calling him to give a praise report. Ouch!


We have to remember that they are always listening. I want them to know that their momma believes in them and talks highly of them to other moms. I don’t mean to lie or talk about their accomplishments, but talk about their character and how God is going to use them. We have the power to speak truth into their lives. If they constantly hear me talking about the bad stories then that is what will infiltrate their mind and hearts.


Start today with me on giving well deserved encouragement and praise and see how differently they act. Let me know if you saw any changes!

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