Obviously, my post recently have had the common trend of waiting, contentment, and trying to not let my mind take over all of the truths in my heart.


Nevertheless, this is where God has me at this point in time. Surprisingly, my anxious heart has given way to absolute surrender to God. Not by my might I can guarantee you of that , but of God’s consistent work. I am amazed over and over at how I think I know best of when and how something should happen. I quickly forget the big picture and all of the spiritual things going on around me in the major tapestry of life. It so isn’t about me. To surrender to God’s will is pretty easy in my case when I don’t have a choice but to sit and wait for the Baby boy to make his arrival. What about surrendering when I can still tweak outcomes? Surrender is to cease resistance and submit to God’s authority. That is not in our nature until our choices are taken from us.


Is it possible to surrender when we feel the ball is in our court and our backs aren’t up against the wall? I would venture to say yes, but we must be intentional about the surrender. We must place it all in His hands every second of the day INTENTIONALLY because it is the only way to truly feel freedom.


What are you surrendering today?



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