Let Go of Control! (The overdue stigma)

In this day in age we have the presumed assumption that we can control outcomes. In fact, people go crazy when you DON’T TRY to control a situation.


For instance, the birth of our fourth chid. God has taught us so much through this past year of what trusting in God is all about. I am trusting that his birthday was planned at the very beginning of time for a purpose. My plans will always fail, but His are always perfect. I also am trusting the knowledge God gives me of my body, what it is capable of, and how it is meant to work.


We may not always understand it all.  Are we supposed to? I’m thinking no. Why would trust be necessary if I knew all of the answers?


This goes for anything and everything in life you are going through…this just happens to be my particular trust situation right now.


Don’t underestimate this God we serve…He’s got this.

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3 Responses to Let Go of Control! (The overdue stigma)

  • EJ says:

    Hi friend! I am praying for you! I can only imagine how difficult and frustrating this is, but you are right- HE’s got this!

  • MelissaJoy says:

    I know how “overdue” feels! My first pregnancy, the midwife began talking Pitocin and stress tests the day before my due date. Instead, I stayed away from the docs office until I went into labor four days later. (hardly qualifies as overdue, I know, but they sure made a deal about it!)

    I chose a homebirth with my second child, who was born 10 days “late”. I have to tell you, he did feel late! I was very uncomfortable those last weeks. But what a reward!

    Surprise, surprise, baby # 3 was born a week early last year! The interesting thing is that I let go of all control during that pregnancy. I handed it all over to God and considered any good days and moments as gifts instead of “the norm”. I was so surprised, I wasn’t even pre-registered at the hospital yet… nor was I by the time she was born an hour and a half after arriving!

    I did not deserve such beautiful outcomes of all of my births, but I am PRAISING God I did! His gift of life through our bodies is humbling.

    I would love to pray for you, dear “stranger” =) God bless you! And thanks for blogging; I love reading over here.

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