Removing Distractions

Well y’all…yesterday morning at church, Tim and I were CONVICTED! Our pastor preached on the story of Mary and Martha. This is a story I have heard many times and I always remind myself to slow down and focus on what is most important.


I can usually do this for maybe an hour, then life comes charging at me.


We have decided as a family to put aside all distractions for a while in order to be a “Mary,” and sit at Jesus’s feet. We wrote a long list of all our distractions and are throwing them out in order to listen to God to help us prioritize our life.


I will be taking a  little blogging break among many other things to clear my mind from all the junk I have allowed myself to take in and refill it with all the truth from Jesus.


I encourage you to also think of all the ways you are spending your time. Perhaps we all need a life detox to shift focus and perspective back to the Creator of it all.


He is waiting…



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