When You Don’t Have It All Together

I spoke with a sweet momma the other night who was sharing her heart with me. She said she was constantly reminding herself to stop comparing her family to others. She spoke of a community she used to be involved in where everyone always seemed so perfect. All of their children were well-behaved, neatly dressed, and were all performing above grade level.


I reminded her that this was not reality, only her perception. A perception that she has recognized and is praying for God to work out in her own heart.


This got me thinking. What about those women who really DO look like they have it all together? I think it is important to remember that they are struggling the same as you and me just in different ways. Perhaps they feel they HAVE to be perfect. They fear failure, or feel as though they have to live up to a certain image. What an exhausting, trapped life that must be.


Both types of women are letting others predict their life for them and how they go about daily living. They are looking to others for their cues on what is acceptable and what is not. They are also using others as a measuring stick for their own families.


I will be the first to admit that I have the crazy looking family with dirt on all my kids faces. Maybe that’s why people like hanging around me…I make them feel better about themselves:) haha! I am sure those of you who know me well are laughing. Anyways, the thing is, I have finally gotten to the place where I have stopped the comparison game. I will always be different from everyone else. I will have my own struggles and strengths.


This is where God’s freedom comes in. The word, “Freedom,” has been ringing a lot in my heart lately. It is the way God meant for us to live and the only way we can truly get it is through Him.


We are free in Christ to put away unneccessary expectations. Simply put, our ways are not His ways. He’s got this. He knows what He is doing.


If by some chance, you catch us on one of those days where everyone is bathed, has napped, has full bellies and smiles; and you wonder why we are so perfect. Just know that we aren’t. We shouldn’t be. God uses the weak and unexpected ones to do Kingdom work.


Lift up your heads mammas. We are all in this together.


I encourage you all today to stop looking around and look upward. The strengths and weaknesses you have can all be used by Him. He created you that way!

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