Are We Missing The Point?

One of the toughest things for me in my homeschooling journey is figuring out where to spend my time and energy. The possibilities are endless. There is every kind of activity to get involved in such as Bible studies, piano lessons, sports, art lessons, co-ops etc… The list goes on and on. It can be quite an overwhelming feeling to be responsible for your children’s education. I always wonder if I am doing enough, too much, or the right things.


I am sure this is even true for those who send your children to school. Your children are gone all day so you try to fill up your afternoon with fun things they will enjoy and activities to help them improve and be better people.


What if through all this we are missing the point all together?


Nowhere in the Bible does it say to enlist your child in 3-4 activities a week, make sure they are in a sport to learn how to be part of a team, make sure they take lessons on a musical instrument to help them be well-rounded, and make sure they are involved in some kind of art to encourage creativity.


All these things are wonderful, but can never be substituted for our real job as parents.


We are called to teach them diligently the love of God so they can show it to others. We are required to model and show them how Jesus lived on earth ministering to others, loving them, and telling of His goodness.


Somehow our society tells us that all this isn’t good enough. In the meanwhile we find ourselves exasperated trying to fit it all in. The Lord didn’t plan out a  life of complication and aggravation for us. We do that to ourselves.


When you find yourself overwhelmed ask yourself if you are truly doing what God commanded you to do as a parent. I have found that whenever I feel heavy burdens with the busyness of life that I have lost sight of my true purpose.


We can have the highest educated, well-rounded, artistic, and musically inclined children, but without the love of God and for people in their hearts we have failed.


Let’s put God back in the center of our education and see those minutes stretch a little longer and our time be blessed.


Who is with me? Let’s hold each other accountable. Instead of applauding the momma who spends everyday out taking children here and there, let’s encourage the slower pace to truly see the work that needs to be done around us. With our children let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy doing kingdom work!





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5 Responses to Are We Missing The Point?

  • Debbie Reynolds says:

    Amen, Amen & Amen !

    Well educated people self destruct because their heart and being is about SELF.
    You are on the right track Mama.

    Give those children a hug from Ms Debbie.

  • EmmaLee says:

    I was reading your post and then was baffled by the comment section… Well educated people self destruct? Did I read that out of context? I am not an “online problem causer”. I was truly curious. I know there are people who read posts and then cause unnecessary arguments. I am a homeschooling mom of four. I was just looking for clarification that an excellent education is not time wasted or sinful when contained in the correct priority order. Thoughts?

    • Brittany says:

      No, I do not think it is a waste of time or sinful to be well educated and be exposed to many different things. My purpose in the post was to get to the heart of the matter. If we are doing all of these extra things and leaving God out of the equation then I feel THAT would be wrong and could potentially self destruct someone. God must come first and all other things second. Even I can get caught up in the whirlwind of making sure my kids are involved in as much as possible. I have been convicted to put God as the priority in our family and knock out some of the extra things.

  • Brittney Tunning says:

    Brittany, I want to thank you!!! Your blog is so inspiring and God centered! Keep up the great work, no only as a mother/ wife but most important a child of God!! <3

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