What Level Of Pro-Life Are You?


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As I get older, gain years of marriage under my belt, have more children, and gain life experience I have become increasingly aware of the “politically correct” way to go about things. I have learned what to say and how to act in order to not offend those who think differently. I have also come to see how truly unclear and twisted we as Christians can make things. We have so many faint lines drawn in the sand and gray areas. No wonder people don’t really know right from wrong anymore. I too am one of those people who can find myself in a gray area of life wondering what is true and right. I have found that once I look into scripture it quickly becomes crystal clear. The problem is that scripture is not always the first place we look, therefore we pay the consequences of confusion.


An area that most people tip toe around would be their stance on pro-life. As I am writing this post I am assuming that the majority of Christians would consider themselves pro-life. What does this truly mean? Many people would give you  different definitions. This is an issue that used to be black and white, yet has become gray in many people’s eyes that are built around circumstance.


The first level of pro-life would be the the convenience pro-lifer. (Just made up my own word) They believe, for the most part, that abortion is wrong unless you can find a justifiable reason for it such as the mother being victim of rape, or the child having a disability. They think children are great when you plan for them. They also have pity on you when you get a surprise pregnancy. They refer to that baby as the “oops” child. They only want to have children if and when it suits them.


The second level of pro-lifers are the ones who consider themselves responsible. They believe abortion is wrong at all cost and believe that nothing justifies killing a baby. You will find these people rallying on the side of the street to close down abortion clinics. They know God has a plan no matter how the child was conceived or what types of disabilities they have. However, they do think it is a wise choice to use chemical birth control, though they have overheard that it can cause spontaneous abortions. They rule in favor of common sense and that no one should ever have more than 3 children in order to give them enough attention, and pay for college. It is responsible.


The third level, evidently, are the most radical. These people take the Bible literally. When it says children are a blessing they believe it no matter the circumstance of their arrival. Abortion is killing a life God placed in that mother’s womb no matter how the occurrence took place. Nothing is by accident. They believe chemical forms of birth control are abortifacients. They don’t want to be responsible for killing someone whom God knew before the beginning of time.


I proudly fall into the third. I don’t play a martyr and say, “Oh it’s tough, but this is God’s commandment.” No, I am full of passion for this. Most of the time I don’t focus on the number of children I have or how many I am going to have. For some reason it seems the baby comments and questions all flood in around the same time and it gets on my mind more than usual. Perhaps it’s because the baby is starting to play with his feet… people begin to worry if I am stupid enough to have another baby.


I am not near as bold in person as I am on my blog. I have the same answer when people start to ask, “You are done right?…right?” or when they point their finger at me and say “Now you don’t need anymore. You’ve got two of each, be happy with what you’ve got!”


My answer and beliefs are so simple, yet baffle people. I simply say, “We will see what God gives us.” I am not trying to talk someone into a different level of pro-life. I am simply telling people we have no plan except God’s, and it drives people crazy. We are not in a cult, or part of a movement. We do not feel enslaved to the idea that we must have children. We are not trying to have as many children as possible. We do not put children up on a mighty pedestal or collect them as trophies.


My pro-life stance is this: Every life is precious in God’s eyes. For that reason I will fight for them and continually pray that I will see every life the way He does rather that be an unborn baby in the womb or the rude neighbor down the street.


I have no right to decide what life is worth saving and what life is not so I am simply giving it to God and praying for His heart and compassion on a daily basis.


What level would you categorize yourself?


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7 Responses to What Level Of Pro-Life Are You?

  • Rachel G says:

    I think there’s also the aspect to pro-life about how much we help and support those who are having babies in rough situations. I went to beauty school with classmates who were teenage, pregnant single moms, and it broke my heart how many people who identified as Christians openly showed disgust for these girls who were carrying little lives created by God. Pro-lifers should be seeking ways to help make life easier and help women who birth children into tough situations…though I’m not sure which of the levels of pro-life that you delineated that should fall under. Those who say “Isn’t that so sad–she had her whole life ahead of her!” about a girl pregnant with the baby of a young man who’s already in jail, ought instead to buy some diapers and bring meals to her home after baby’s born…and love that baby when it’s out of the womb.

    • Brittany says:

      100% agree!

    • Adelaide says:

      Rachel, This is such a great point. I can’t really fathom how hard it must be to have a baby so young. Each young Mum/couple who chooses life for their unborn baby, no matter their situation, should be supported and helped in everyday by us… the ones who claim to be ‘pro’ life.

  • Kyle says:

    I want to say that I fit into the last category, and I kinda think I do. The only thing is that after having number 8 we are so financially strapped that I just don’t see how we could have another. Maybe we are just not doing something right. It is just so hard. My husband is a pastor and I have racked my brain for ways to draw in additional income to no avail.

  • Kim Crawford says:

    I am prolife, but that does not mean that there are not situations which keep families from having more children. (maybe the woman who just responded, Kyle). There are many things that scripture calls a blessing. I believe children are a blessing with all my heart. But to say the only way that you can Biblically view children as a blessing is to have as many as God gives you, is a fallacy. We live in a sinful, broken world. For some women, to allow the Lord to, “give them as many as”? might mean that she can not care for the ones she has. For a dear friend of mine, it would have cost her her life. Please give husbands and wives freedom to prayerfully consider before the Lord what He would have for them.

  • Danielle Budick says:

    i’m definitely a level 1. In cases of rape and incest the woman or CHILD should have a choice. Who am I to tell a 11 or 12 y/o you MUST carry that baby.

  • Adelaide says:

    Brittany, I think you this article with a beautiful balance of strong conviction and glorious grace. Thank you for the food for thought. I am inclined to be bull-nosed about convictions and fall in your 3rd category… and always can do with a good reminder of leaving my plans in the hands of God.

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