When God’s Will Isn’t Always Easy

I think as Christians it is very easy for us to know God’s will. We feel a conviction, pray about it, then with the Holy Spirit’s help we change our perspective or a way of doing things based on the convictions we have felt from God. Sounds good right?


Then there is the world yelling ever so loudly. We start to slowly listen to our flesh. The world around us has a way of making that VERY easy. Before you know it those convictions seem a little difficult to maintain or maybe even too extreme. Throw in a couple of negative comments that hurt your feeling in there along with a bad day or two and you find yourself second guessing what the Lord clearly spoke to your heart.


Ladies, this is a trap we ALL fall into no matter what you feel the Lord calling you to do. Maybe it is to stay home and raise your children? Maybe it’s to stop drinking or smoking? Maybe its to home school? Maybe it is to limit media? Maybe it is to give over your fertility to God? Maybe it is to stop frivolously spending money? Maybe it is to start exercising and caring for your body?


God never promises a walk on easy street. However, He does promise that when you deny yourself and listen to His sweet voice speaking to your heart that He has already provided you with every power to do what He has called. Not just enough power to get by, but enough to do it well.


Let’s encourage one another of the sweet rewards and victory that is ours when we follow Jesus.

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One Response to When God’s Will Isn’t Always Easy

  • Amen! I blogged about this yesterday! We so often question God’s will when it’s a direction we’re not totally on board with. “Is that REALLY where He’s trying to lead me” we rationalize with ourselves. Great post. Give it to God and it will all be okay.

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