A Sweet Morning

This morning started off the same as most mornings. Sneaking out of bed, tiptoeing so no one awakes. I took that first sip of morning coffee, thanked the Lord for the morning, then heard the baby’s cry along with the pitter patter of feet.

It’s the same thing every day, with a constant changing dialogue in my head.

Regrettably, some mornings I want everyone to leave me alone. Some of them, I am so busy thinking of what needs to get done that I’m scribbling notes as they sit on my lap. Other mornings, I’m already switching laundry or on the phone when they wake up to start their day.

But not this morning.

God gave me an extra heaping scoop of patience and grace this morning. Actually, He always gives it, but I don’t always take it.

It was nothing special by any means but it was thoroughly enjoyed. The breakfast, the mess, the school on the deck, the dress up clothes, the fussy baby that fell asleep on me, the swing set, the fresh strawberries, and all of the memories made.

If only we could always settle into the sweetness of the ordinary yet God given moments. How differently would we live?

Here are some random accounts of the sweetness. A 1 year old who can climb up the slide. Queen Elsa teaching Piggy how to zip line. Princess Anna swinging with her miniature Princess Anna, and a swinging fire chief:)


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