8 Tips To Survive The High Maintenance Baby

image Oh My! Can y’all relate? LOL!


I am still in survival mode as I write this. My sweet #4, baby Easton, whew..that boy. I’m still learning him. Learning his personality and all of his quirks. For now, I’ll share my survival tips that have carried me thus far in case your in the crazy boat too:)


1) Let go of the guilt. Yes, you love your baby, but yes, they are difficult! That’s OK! Just accept it. “Hello I’m Brittany and I have a difficult child!”


2) Love on that rotten baby like there is no tomorrow. I mean it. They simply require more of us. We are their mothers, so let’s be what they need. Hold them, sing to them, cuddle them, whatever they need be there for them. You aren’t spoiling them!


3) Surrender. They say this wont last forever. I feel much more sane when I let go of my own agenda and plans for the day. This is only a season.


4) Speak positive words to them and about them to your other children. Pick one or two people you can vent to, but leave the rest of the words to uplift your sweet one even as an infant. Words hold power.


5) Pray. all. the. time. God knew exactly what He was doing when He hand-picked your children. He called you to this task and He will help you survive it.


6) Have some super quick dinners ready to throw together when they are screaming at your leg. One of my go-to favorites is this: I warm up several cans of black beans. I then throw a handful of tortilla chips on each plate, cover with warmed beans, shredded cheese, sour ream and salsa. There you have it. Nachos! That meal has saved me more than once.


7) Get the breaks when you need them, ask for help. If you have no one available then stick them in the car seat and go for a little drive. Sometimes, the change in scenery helps.


8) I have found that the outdoors does wonders. I recommend getting outside as much as possible. If they are old enough, a sandbox is very helpful too. Most of our days this summer have been spent in the yard with some bags of sand with a book in my hand.


I’m not going to lie, I had planned to give you 10 tips, but this is all I have. Hang in there, love on your baby, and remember you are being refined and sharpened into an even better and more patient mama! You’ve got this because He has this!


Any one else in the crazy boat too? What helps you cope?


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9 Responses to 8 Tips To Survive The High Maintenance Baby

  • katrina says:

    You’re doing an awesome job with your crew. You’re strong and brave! Keep up the good work. XO

  • Sarah says:

    My first was high maintenance. What got me through was an attitude of “I’m sure he’ll stop … (Sleeping in my bed/feeding five times a night/hating going in the car seat/etc)… by the time he’s 18.” The long term view really helped me keep perspective. The other thing was a sling – baby wearing at all times, even on the loo! At first on my front, later on my back. A true sanity saver for me! He’s still pretty high maintenance, but also more often great company and fiercely intelligent. He’s going places! Love your blog!

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you! Looking back I definitely think a sling would have helped a lot. I tried using one, but I think I was too late in the game. He hated it! Yes, I can predict that he will always be a bit high maintenance. Like yours, he is very smart! There is no telling what God has in store for this little guy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Steph says:

    Some much needed tips today for this weary mama whose difficult infant is now a difficult 2 year old! Thanks for sharing your encouragement!

  • Anastasia says:

    Great tips! I can relate! My middle child is my high maintenance one. One thing that helped me weather the storm (we are still there but it has improved!) is to build up his ego and praise him consistently. To refrain from calling him the beast or grumpy to him or the other children. This somehow works miracles. When I am more positive with him and around him about him (does that make sense? haha!) he wants to do better and act better. He’s almost 4 so we have come a long way! Hang in there!

  • My youngest son is almost a handful. He strongly dislikes sitting still for even a minute. Last week at a soccer game for my other two children he screamed for 60 minutes. I finally went to sit in the van and let him watch the TV. But now I am at the point if we are in public and people come up to comfort him I politely ask them to leave because he is fine. He is just throwing a tantrum. Survival mode kicks in for each mom in a different way, and I think mine is getting through the moment each time.

  • rina says:

    I can totally relate. My daughter is also like that. Can I confess if sometime I just wanna scream? But I tried to remind myself that this wont last forever.
    Nice tips on the simple dinner. I should try nachos, too.
    PS: I found you from ModestMomBlog link-up

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