For My Girls



When you find yourself many years from now in the thick of life, remember the blessings that got you thus far.


When your eyes are begging for rest as you hold that sweet baby close in the dark hours of the night, remember this to shall pass.


When you reload the dishwasher or switch the laundry AGAIN remember you are modeling servanthood for the sweet ones under foot.


When you listen for the fourth time about how the ant crawled over a rock, just smile and know how blessed you are they choose you to tell.


When dinner time sneaks up on you and you would rather just say the kitchen’s closed, remember your feeding and nourishing the next generation for God. Feed them well.


When the reading, writing, and math overtake you. Take a deep breath, grab their favorite story and get lost in their book.


When the shoe isn’t in the box and the sock match is missing, just grab the first sock you find and start the shoe scavenger hunt.


When the sound of, “mommy” rings in your ears, just know some never get the chance hear the sweet sound.


When you want to give up and lock yourself in the bathroom, rest assured every momma does.


When you want to go back and crank up the country music, pull them close and dance the day away.


When you wonder what happened to your old self, remember she is there, only now you are a better version.


When time seems to disappear into thin air, make every. moment. matter.


When the regrets of yesterday blur your eyes for today, remember His mercies are new.


When that man who promised you forever walks in the door, make sure you love him well.


When the runny noses and upset bellies come to linger, grab blankets, movies, soup, and chocolate for yourself.


When you messed up and feel like you crushed their spirits, make a batch of my chocolate chip cookies.


When your planning birthdays and feeling pressure to make them special, don’t look beyond your four walls.


When your clothes feel a little snug, be grateful for health and unconditional love.


When you start to feel that you’re not good enough, don’t forget that YOU were called to do this.


When your eyes start to linger to long on the sparkle of the world, remember the grass isn’t always greener sweet girl.


When things don’t seem to be going so well, keep your grass watered.


When you wonder if all your efforts of being a good, Godly woman to your husband,  a good mother to your children are worth it. I am here to shout from the rooftops that they are. Your labor is producing fruits that will spread from one generation to the next for lifetimes to come.


So for my girls…It is my privilege to watch you grow, and give you my all, and watch the fruit of your lives bless me and all the people who God has in store.


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