The Farm Dream



I see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, and feel it. The deep desire molds and transforms into a vivid dream. So vivid I can feel the rock and dirt beneath my dusty boots. My hair is blown off my face by the gentle breeze swaying back and forth the tall blades of grass. I can feel the callous formed on my hand from turning nothing into something. I can hear breathless children running to roam, explore, and grow. The sounds of familiar animals abound and meander through field and tree. The scent of rich earth, old wood, and life are present in every breath I inhale. I can see the raw beauty of new growth, life, starry nights, and the rising of a sun dripping warmth on everything it touches.


The dream continues at a slow, intentional pace.


I can taste the sweetness of the simplest of foods raised in nothing more than rain, dirt, and sunshine. My mouth waters as the simple turns into a creation of love placed on a table filled with precious people all around. The stories shared and memories tucked away around the old scratched table brings warmth to my heart. I can feel the softness of worn out couch cushions and can hear the squeak of the porch swing. This is just too much, my heart may burst.


I can see it. I can see the little home filled with every lovely piece of family history. Small chunks of dried mud are scattered from one porch to the next. I hear the slam of the screen door as the freedom to run flows through my children’s veins. I feel shade from hovering trees providing a sanctuary. I see the old worn quilt laying in the grass with remnants of children’s lunch scattered across.


I can feel the sense of values, experience, honor, hard work, determination, curiosity, ingenuity, encircling and taking place in our souls where there were empty spaces we never knew existed. I want to stay here. The place I want to grow old with my husband in. The place I want to raise and love my children in. The place where others flock to get away from it all in my piece of paradise…


Though the dream is beautiful, I must open my eyes. I am missing it. Missing the here and now. The beauty of the wait.


For now I’ll take the desire that gave birth to my beautiful dream and praise the good Lord above. Rest in the contentment. The desire that was woven into the tapestry of my life was done by Him. I’ll wring my heart out so my desires can flow into the every day. To let them seep into every crevice of my life. I’ll strive to live and walk out those desires right here and right now. Not to wait on the planned circumstance or when the next time I close my eyes lost in a daydream.  I don’t want to miss the chance to live the beauty that lies within today.


So until the farm dream burst into a beautiful reality, I’ll let the desire take over and live it now, for Him.


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14 Responses to The Farm Dream

  • Liz says:

    My husband grew up in a very small IL farm town. Every time we visit his Mother, I am drawn to this life you describe. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to live it, but it sure is appealing! Be encouraged, God hears your prayers and will be gracious to you!

  • JES says:

    A wonderful reminder to live in the present and enjoy our daily blessings! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂

  • “The beauty of the wait.” What a lovely, true idea. Thank you for sharing this simple yet profound thought. Stopping by from Monday’s Musings.

  • Debbie Reynolds says:

    Prasing the good Lord and waiting for his timing will cause you to see his gift to your family unfold and hold true for eternity. So glad you are willing to wait and see his goodness. So many will never understand this truth but God will reap his blessings on you for your witness for him. Amazing and insightful truth Brittany.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart and soul and from the Holy Spirit who dwells in you.

  • Donna Short says:

    Well written! Yes, I have many dreams and desires that are not yet reality. At times, I dwell on the future and even live in the past…wishing and wanting. Thank you for the gentle reminder that ii’s awesome to dream in vivid imagination of what could be or even what has already been, but it’s even sweeter to praise the Lord for today and live in the moment He has so graciously given us.

  • Stacy says:

    Brittany, I’m so glad I was able to hear you share this dream in person! Meeting you was a highlight of the conference. When your farm dream becomes a reality I might just have to come for a visit!

  • I married a guy with a “farm dream,” and now — 25 years later — we have four boys who also have the dream. We’ve managed to acquire some acreage so there’s lots of fun around that, but still waiting for the barn, etc. Chickens are fun and don’t require a lot of “farm”!

  • A beautiful dream indeed! I found myself drinking in every word that you so skillfully wrote – smelling, seeing and feeling everything you described. The Lord has certainly blessed you with a gift for writing.

    Thank you for sharing your dream and your desire to please God and live in the here and now while you wait…

  • Carol says:

    A beautiful dream. I think the Lord has given us a heart for family, home, productive land. I appreciate the way you have turned the longing to living out the desires as you wait.

  • I want to encourage you to Pray Big, Brittany. When we were looking for land, many years ago, I began to make it “easier” on God by asking for less and less and then it hit me, God can just as easily provide us 100 acres as 30. So, I began to pray “big” and you know what? All these years later, I can see how God has given us all the things we prayed for and He even gave us more in some cases (157 acres!). The wait is very hard, I know. And it can seem like how in the world will we ever get there. Our story is crazy, amazing how God made it all work out (we had no money, nothing!)-too long to write here. Don’t give up or get discouraged…..keep praying. And, you are very wise to know the need to live in the moment you are in now. I do hope the farm works out for you. It is soooooo much work and sometimes it is hard to keep going but it’s a good life and so good for the kids and so good to all work together and struggle together (and get dirty together) and enjoy it together. Y’all need to come up to VA and visit our farm! We’re in 30 minutes above the NC border…….

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I would love to hear your story and how it all unfolded for your family. I would absolutely love to come visit sometime, and of course I’ll be taking notes:)

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