Lavender and Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash


My second little girl battled with horrible diaper rash when she was a baby. We switched diaper brands, watched what she ate, and tried every ointment from the store you could imagine. At one point when she was on antibiotics for an infection her diaper rash was so bad that her bottom bled. They prescribed me a very expensive steroid cream and told me to mix it with another popular brand of diaper cream that also contained a slew of harmful ingredients. Being naive I took their word for it. It took almost a week before there were any improvements.


As I have had children and am learning and falling in love with natural remedies…never again will I treat a diaper rash the same way. I have found ways that will make the diaper rash disappear 10 times faster, contains one ingredient, and is made by God. Sounds good huh?


Lavender is the secret essential oil to rid your sweet baby of that diaper rash.


Let me tell ya why Lavender essential oil works so well and why you have to use it. The first man to realize how awesome the stuff was is a scientist named Rene Gattefosse. His arm was severely burned in a lab accident. When he applied lavender to his arm he saw its amazing ability to promote tissue regeneration and how quickly his wounds were gone.


Let’s move this into a diaper rash scenario. The bottom is inflamed, red, soar, has possibly blistered the skin and is at high risk for infection. Your baby is very cranky and is screaming every time there is a diaper change.


Here is where the lavender is so wonderful… It is an antiseptic and antifungal to decrease the risk for infections and fungus. It is an analgesic to aid in the pain and soreness. It is anti-inflammatory to help with redness and inflammation. The scent of lavender has a calming and relaxing effect for the crankiness. Lavender takes care of every diaper rash symptom!


Top 3 Tips for applying:

Dilute 1 drop of lavender in 1 Tbs of a  carrier oil and apply to the rash after every diaper change.

Add 40 drops of Lavender oil to a couple of ounces of pure water into a spray bottle. Coat rash in spray at every diaper change.

Apply a homemade baby powder by using cornstarch with 20 drops of lavender. The lavender will act to repel moisture while the powder will absorb it.


*update* I came up with a baby butter cream specifically for diaper rash. This stuff is amazing!  If I am out of this cream then I still use one of the above methods.


Baby Butter

1/4 cup of shea butter

1/8 cup of coconut oil

1/8 cup of jojoba oil

12 drops of lavender

-Place the shea butter and all of the oils together in double broiler to melt. (Except the lavender essential oil)

-Refrigerate until it turns white.

-Add in the lavender essential oil and blend with electric mixer until it gets fluffy. This cream is so soft I have even made some extra to use on my face. LOVE it!


I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils. I trust in their quality and purity and have had great results. Learn how to sign up for a wholesale account here and save 24% on your oils! You are not required to sell oils to others, you can simply buy them for yourself at a discount. If you decide you would like to partner with me and share your essential oils with others you can do that as well. Sharing is caring!


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