Misconceptions of the Modern Day Homemaker

Misconceptions of the modern day homemaker


“Your lazy… a waste of time… uneducated… oppressed…you eat bonbons all day… over protective… sheltered… noncontributing… a busy body… selfish… you think your too good to do, “Real work”… old fashioned… and no fun”


Ever had any of these phrases pierce your ears? Ever felt the judgment and wondered if these thoughts were encircling others minds?


I think we have all been there a time or two. We’ve had times we let society dictate our worth. At times we have cooked, cleaned, and cared for sick babies in vain wondering what’s the point.


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2 Responses to Misconceptions of the Modern Day Homemaker

  • Donna Short says:

    I have always believed that the greatest calling a woman has is to raise her children well. Being a homemaker is a calling just as other professions that women pursue CAN be callings. Some women work out side of the home for fulfillment. Others work outside of the home out of necessity, but if others put down women who stay home with their children and fulfill their calling, this is wrong! I recently heard a blurb on the Dave Ramsey show from Christy Wright that sums it up. Why do we as women tear each other down? Shouldn’t we spend that time and effort encouraging each other, not judging or criticizing. None of us are perfect and we all have our struggles in life. I am your cheer leader, Brittany! Way to go! Stay home, do the work the Lord has called you to do, and excel!!

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