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The time is approaching. All of this gathering in the kitchen over the holidays is a lovely thought but it also means colds, sickness, bugs, and flu. I’m not kidding when I tell you I barely survived last year. For about two and half months we were all stuck in the house either coughing up lungs, giving breathing treatments, throwing up, settling fevers, you name it! It all knocked me flat on my butt. I am determined this year to be as prepared and ready as possible to help me stay sane and capable to take care of all the needs of my family.


Here are my tips and things I will do differently in hopes it helps some of y’all out.


1. Take as many precautionary measures as possible. Start serving out the shots of  Elderberry syrup the first sign of a sniffle.


2. Be very diligent about applying Thieves essential oil to the bottoms of all of their feet before bed. If they do get something, it certainly won’t last as long.


3. Get you a diffuser and work that baby overtime, continuously running day in and day out…I actually need to order more diffusers… I was borrowing them from people last year to stick in everyone’s room when they went to sleep. *I have been pre-ordering RC essential oil all year. It was absolutely amazing with all of the respiratory issues for my baby boy.


4. Have your Thieves cleaner ready to wipe down all surfaces were they have gathered, nothing fancy, but real quick to kill whatever is there. Plus it smells great.


5. Pre-make some homemade chicken and noodle soup to stick in the freezer. Have some other family favorites to have on hand. Dinner was a nightmare unless some members of our sweet family bought food, which was such a blessing!


6. If at all possible do a nightly laundry load of all the blankets, pillow cases, and pajamas from the day they had been wearing. Hopefully the germs won’t continue to spread around which is exactly what happened last year.


7. Plan a drive out. I think the cool fresh air and different scenery can do wonders.(Don’t do this when your little one has complained of a belly ache…yep, she threw up all in the backseat)


8. Get together your favorite movies or a list of favorite Netflix shows EVERY child will agree on. The last thing you want is tears because they can’t agree on something when they are feeling terrible already. Also try to pick ones that may be educational without them knowing. This is for the mom guilt as you watch your children stare at a screen all day, makes you feel a little better when you can say, “At least it’s educational”


9. Have some books ready. To help break up them monotony have some books sitting there ready to be read when they are tired of the TV..if that would even happen.




11. Sneak in showers whenever you can, feed yourself whenever you can, take elderberry, drink lots of water and PRAY!


12. I asked my husband as I was writing this for his input and he gave great advice which was to ACCEPT it. Quit going on with daily life and trying to continue your normal to do list. Just sit still, let them pile on your lap, and take care of them. LOVE IT!


Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to prepare yourself for taking care of sick little ones? Subscribe and share!


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2 Responses to Tips For Mamas to Survive Sick Babies

  • Donna Short says:

    It sounds just like Tim to say accept it. I also have one…prayer…I did that a lot last year when you guys were so sick and also if there is family near by, call on them to take the “well” children to activities, etc to keep life as normal as possible.

  • Rach D says:

    I agree with this list 🙂 Just had a sickie in this house this week…

    Another one to add: keep the schedule simple!

    I know, I know…we’re all busy. But I always find if you up the stress (for mom and/or kids), than sickness almost always increases…adequate sleep goes a long way 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

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