Teaching Contentment Instead of Thankfulness

Teaching contentment

It’s everywhere. Signs, pictures, and images of thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation. My Facebook news feed is filled with beauty as friends participate in the, “30 days of thanks”. There are crafts everywhere reminding us of all the  blessings we have, filled with quotes on rejoicing and being thankful. Our family even has a thankful tree that the children and I do every November. Through out the month the children will say something they are thankful for. I write it on a paper leaf and stick it to our paper tree. We have a lot of goofy answers on those leaves:)…


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One Response to Teaching Contentment Instead of Thankfulness

  • Donna Short says:

    Great points! I am past the age of rearing children, but I still need to be reminded from time to time that I need to act out my faith and live in contentment rather than always striving for something different and longing for more.

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