Book Review: “Dear Joey, Embracing Everyday Of Motherhood, As If Your Last”

I’m honestly not quite sure where to begin. I had the honor of writing my first book review. My only hope is that I can do this book justice. The title of the book is called “Dear Joey, Embracing Everyday Of Motherhood, As If Your Last.” Written by Alicia Eggers. The words for this book were inspired by God when Alicia saw the breathtaking picture of the beautiful Joey Feek in her hospital bed holding onto her sweet baby girl.



The words on the pages were like a, “slap in the face” kind of reflection. The honesty to write a book of this sort, convicts me to be an open book like what I have read. You see, the Author wrote about her dreams, her aspirations, and the beautiful picture of motherhood. She also wrote about the process of pregnancies, husbands working late, bills, and disease both mentally and physically. She wrote about the things we all go through, but rarely post about. (We only want to show the world our good side.) It is amazing to watch the story unfold as she reflects and is able to see the hand of God throughout it all. His fingerprints are all over this book as she took inspiration from this photograph of Joey Feek and applied it everyday to her life.



Her story was so relatable, but she didn’t leave me in my pity as I was yelling,” Yes! Me too!” at the pages. She provided scripture upon scripture of Truths and Promises that are God breathed. Every single one sunk down deep in my soul where they belong. She gave words to cling to and gave the change in perspective that is needed for the days or even weeks or months when we are lost in the trenches of motherhood.


One quote in particular that jumped out at me,We are made to be used. How opposite this is from what the world screams at us! In my own thoughts I had been pondering about this myself. It seems we are always making excuses to self preserve, to say no, or not give. Alisha is right y’all. That isn’t our purpose or what He made us for. We should be used up, if you will, a literal spilling over of all of God’s blessings so we can fall into His arms day after day to be filled once again by His grace to serve again to others.



A paragraph that spoke to me.I don’t know about you, but to me, motherhood is the most heart-wrenching, soul- exposing, and holiness-making journeys we will ever have. We can’t go at it alone. And, we can’t fight the suffering parts. As much as we desire to flee the scene of our suffering, there is no greater treasure than to stop and notice God in the midst of it. To see His face, filled with love and adoration for you as you parent His gifts. To remember that in the middle of the storm, all we have to do is keep our eyes on Him and we can walk on water, too.” Ahhh I LOVE that!!


To read Alicia’s story and watch as it unfolds as she comes to the realization at the source of her strength and the meaning behind sufferings is truly beautiful to see.


I am reminded that we aren’t promised easy but we are promised love, protection, and eternity.


I was blessed to have the opportunity to read this book. My recommendation is to do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of “Dear Joey”. God used her authenticity to speak write to my heart. I know this book will do the same for you.


Alicia Eggers is a Christ follower, Wife, and Mama to 5 little ones. She blogs along with her sisters over at Honestly Motherhood. This is her VIRAL blog post that was the catalyst for this amazing story! Go check her out!

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