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Not only am I not a fan of college but I find it to be unnecessary the majority of the time when an 18-year-old graduates from high school. Let me repeat, the majority. I am aware this is not all cases…Yes of course people need degrees to be doctors, lawyers, any kind of specialty etc… My question is, when did going to college simply because that’s what you do, become the norm? When did we start accepting all of the normal debt that comes with having that piece of paper in hand? Like a lot of my post, it’s not meant to pull you on my side or talk others into anything. The purpose, if even for a moment, is to make you say hmmm??? I want people to pause and wonder why we do things just because that’s what they all tell us to do.


First I want to look at the typical American scenario. Most 18 year olds who walk across the stage at their high school graduation have no plan of what they want to do with their life and are hoping to figure it out in college all while accruing the average 35,000 dollars worth of debt. They see their entire life in front of them with endless possibilities. Not knowing that they are about to fall into the trap of, “typical.” College has been beat into their heads from the time they hit kindergarten. Their parents spoke about it at supper and it became the focus as thy entered high school. It becomes ingrained that you are nothing until you’re in that building. Let’s face it, as parents we often want to base our success on where are children are attending. The unspoken in the situation is how they or their children are taking steps back financially to be able to say they are going to that certain university. It has become a, “Keep up with the Joneses atmosphere.”


The people who benefit from our children being in college is not always intended for the child themselves. Banks, universities, and the government are all benefited way before the person actually going to school. In my opinion, whenever something is so heavily advertised and looked at as a must, then there is someone out there racking up and taking advantage. Why do people think the cost of college increases by roughly 7% every year? This is much higher than the average inflation and they do it because they can. It is easier to get in college these days than ever before and yet harder to find jobs with that piece of paper. Why? They need that money coming in. Heck, today you don’t even have to ever walk in the building because of the multitude of online classes provided.


Most people, if not yourself, know of someone who spent money getting a degree (rather going into debt or not) then got a job that is no were related to their degree. 48% of college graduates are not working in their required field, and a four-year degree isn’t even required. This makes no sense what so ever. Like I said in the beginning there are people who need degrees to be in their career field. This post is not about them. I am writing about the typical. How many people can look back on their college days and be proud of their past? College is now looked at as an experience rather than the degree anyway. We no longer need statistics to show us all of the drinking, drugs, and sex that go along with that experience. Kids assume they will figure out their career path when they arrive at college all while having the time of their lives. That’s an awful lot of wasted energy and time to just think about something.


For our family we are not saving for college. We do however set aside money in a savings account for each child. This money of course could be used for college if their career depends on a degree, it could be used to jump-start a business, or could be used as a down payment for a home if any of our daughters want to be stay at home mommas. What ever way God leads them, it will be there to help them. We believe in showing them all of their options and potential not just, “You better go to college.” I want to instill in them not only the value of a dollar, but I feel the value of their time is even more important. Our time on earth is so precious and every next move we make should be thought out prayerfully into which way would be most fruitful. I do not believe that going to school for a few years while you figure it out is the best use of ones time. There are internships, volunteer opportunities, and many good paying jobs where hard work will get you far. I want all of my children to be good stewards of the gifts God has given them; rather that be extra money for their family, their time to help others, or their minds to do something to contribute to our society.


We all don’t have to be a cookie cutter generation. I want to show them what God can do when you step outside the box and take His leading versus the leading of the world. Any body with me? Opposed? Subscribe and share your thoughts!






Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


May you remember the birth of our King, savor every moment, and laugh a lot.

Simple, Sensational, Frugal Recipe

Alright, the ingredients together for this recipe may sound strange, but believe me that this combination of flavors are fantastic together. My husband actually discovered this recipe at the fire station from one of the other guys who was, Throwing stuff together.” We like to call it Black Bean Pileup.





Breakfast sausage


Black beans

Cheese, Sour cream, and Salsa

– Start by browning your sausage in a separate pan, while your cabbage is boiling in another pot. You can use dried black beans you’ve had simmering all day or simply open up a can and rewarm.

– Once all necessary ingredients are cooked simply pile um up!

We like to do cabbage, sausage, beans, shredded cheese, then a dollop of sour cream.

Hope y’all enjoy! It’s DELICIOUS!


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