Our Love Story with a Prayer

We aren’t the typical by any means and this is no typical love story. God’s hand has been on us from the very beginning when Tim first spoke to me at my locker in the high school hallway.image


We became official couple status a week after turning 16 on New Years Eve. From that moment on we have been inseparable. I feel as though that was when our marriage started minus the certificate to prove it. We were committed 100% to each other beyond silly high school relationships. I’m not kidding y’all… I thought I was grown.


We were in the FFA and horticulture class together. Every spare moment was spent talking, planning, and dreaming of our future, or was spent having the time of our lives. From the beginning, this boy has protected me from the world and honored me above all others. At 16 we started putting any money we earned in an envelope for a ring and a future. It turns out the money we saved at that time kept us afloat during our early years of marriage.


Tim graduated in the year 2003. I was supposed to graduate in 2004 but quit school to get married and start our life together. I know to some this may sound CRAZY, and we were. I did however have a plan. I got my GED from my local community college and started in a nursing program shortly after. The thoughts of wasting time sitting in a classroom another year seemed irresponsible and lazy at this point.


We got engaged with my family all around at my 18th birthday party. The funny thing is we didn’t feel weird or crazy it just felt like the next step to us. Slowly but surely family started getting on board as well. We picked a date for a fall wedding and were excited about where God was taking us.


A month after our engagement the life I thought I had slipped through my fingertips. My dad walked out on my mom, me, and three little sisters. I started questioning my life. The rejection from my dad made me run that much harder to Tim. Once again he was a protector to me as well as to my entire family.


Considering all that had happened we pushed our wedding date up to June 12th, 2004. With scarce financial resources my mom pulled off the most beautiful night a young girl could have ever dreamed of. Arm in arm my mom waked me down the aisle to the boy God made for me, the man to be the father of my children. Together we have walked hand in hand and entered into a commitment of love image ordained by God.


Although it has been tough at times we have chosen each and every day to pull together when the world tries to tear us apart. When I haven’t felt like trying I’ve prayed to God that I would. He has been so faithful.



Here we are 3 kids and 9 years later. As I look back at those innocent years I can see how God was leading us. We followed whole heartily, no questions, no hesitations. To this day I can still feel His presence and know He is leading but for some reason I doubt and hesitate. I’ve been tainted in some ways by the world. As I’ve grown older my mind can get in the way of my heart. My prayer is that Tim and I will live everyday as though we are 18 again and follow our hearts and love like no other.


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3 Responses to Our Love Story with a Prayer

  • Donna says:

    I thank the Lord that He has guided you guys and that you are still just as in love as you were when you were in high school. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter in-law, that my son has such a wonderful wife, and that my grandchildren have such a wonderul mother. I hope you guys have many wonderful years left together.

  • Vanessa says:

    This is such an encouraging love story!!!
    I am getting married in 5 month ; We have seen the hand of the Lord in our relationship this far and I pray that my husband-to-be and I shall share such a strong commitment to The Lord and to each other.

    Ps: I just came across your blog and spent the evening reading it, such a blessing!!!

    Blessings from Paris.

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