How to Respark your Marriage with Babies


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Relighting the fire in your marriage is no simple feat, but it can be done. Most marriages don’t burnout overnight. They slowly grow dimmer as you add in dirty diapers and sassy children. When you add in loss of sleep you’re hoping to even find the darn candle to even start the process of relighting it! When you have a true desire to turn things around in your marriage that’s when you’ll find your candle. Now you just need to add a little fuel everyday to keep this marriage strong and secure to fight satan who is ready to pounce. Let’s not give him opportunity!



Fancy schmancy date night (when you can). We have heard this over and over again. This is not your ordinary date night. It’s true that planning a date night can be quite aggravating with babies at home. Not that it should never be done, but by the time you get a sitter, possibly pay them, then go to dinner it has turned into quite an expense. During the baby making years this isn’t always feasible, especially every week like conventional advice would tell you. Maybe your budget only allows for every other month with coupon in hand? If that’s the case we need to think of ways to refuel within our 4 walls.


Time well spent

Now it can be hard for us to not let the kid’s bedtime turn into our, “Work like crazy to catch up,” time. We had originally set the bedtime to give us time alone. Most nights it’s more time apart completing our projects we had going on through the day. The marriage relationship is so important and should be treated as such. An occasional movie is fine but quality time doesn’t need to require sitting in front of the television set. We like to sit on the porch. It helps keep our mind off things going on inside and lets us simply talk with no interruptions and fresh air.


Remember at the beginning of your marriage how you talked and dreamed of the future. Those conversations are sweet memories that can add fuel. Let’s dream again with our husbands. Let’s put in the effort and our time to time let them know there is nowhere else you’d rather spend it. Our men love our attention.


Talk to God

Prayer and hearing what God says through His word is the best thing for any marriage. This gives you clear vision and focus on why God designed marriage. This is the time when God speaks and leads your family to His ultimate plans. You don’t want to miss this time. Any time of day would work as log as you just do it. This is an area we need to work on. I can’t tell you how many times Tim was praying as we were laying in bed at night and I have fallen asleep waking up just in time to say amen!


Good Kissing

Give that man those good kisses from the past. You know the ones! Give him the kind to where he doesn’t want to leave for work in the mornings. I’m thinking this would  probably be one of those little fire starter logs not just fuel! Let him know that you still find him attractive and that you are in love with him. Our touch and kiss can help him soar through his day. Your passion from the past can help you remember that giddy feeling.


The point is , this time is critical. Our young children are watching, strangers are watching. We want to be an example of a strong marriage. Not the fake ones where you throw on a smile as you walk out the door. But the bond that others see is unshakable. Bring your family closer with your husband by your side and God in the center to fight the devil’s agenda to destroy our families during these precious hectic years of raising our babies.

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2 Responses to How to Respark your Marriage with Babies

  • Donna says:

    Whew! The title of this one scared me just a bit! I am too old to be having babies!! I need advice on how to keep the “spark” alive when you are alone again. Maybe I’ll research it and write about it on my blog.

  • Donna says:

    By the way, the picture of you guys is awesome!

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