World’s Advice on Children

To whom it may concern in the world,


I’ll never forget the excitement as Tim and I shared the news that we were expecting our first baby. We tried to take heed to all the advice and words of wisdom. “Oh you just wait, your life will soon be over. No more lazy afternoons, and say good-bye to full nights of sleep forever.”


Well…thank goodness you were wrong. This little girl God has given us lays her head on our chest and put us to sleep instantly. She is the beginning of our life, and the sweetest addition we could have ever imagined.



Soon, advice and words of wisdom began to tell us, “Oh you just wait till she’s a toddler! She will be into everything. You’ll never get a break and trust me, you will not be wanting children anytime soon when they hit that stage.”


Well…thank goodness you were wrong. This rambunctious baby can throw a ball, and blow kisses that melt your heart. When I need a break from the world she is our entertainment. She is such a joy, in fact we are welcoming another one of these little life changers.




Advice and words of wisdom then began to tell us, “First of all your crazy, and secondly you just wait till she gets to that sassy elementary age. Then your throwing another in the mix! They will tag team against you and make you crazy.”


Well…thank goodness you were wrong. This intelligent little girl can carry on conversations with us and knows just what to say to make you feel better. Her prayers are heard and her songs carry through the house. She encourages that sweet little sister of hers and states they are best friends. It is amazing to watch them play and interact. Life is so full of joy that we keep craving more. They have a sweet baby brother coming soon.



Then the advice and wisdom told us. You can’t possibly afford all of them! Your marriage won’t be able to handle the stress! What about vacations, cars, or gasp…college! Besides it’s not safe on your body to have your children so close together.”


Well… thank goodness you were wrong. We live in more prosperity and life’s richness than we could have ever dreamed of. Our marriage is firm, grounded, and not shaken by circumstances. These children of ours are the glue. My body is doing just what it was designed to do and for that I am so thankful.


So my advice and words of wisdom would be to root for success in everyone that is seeking God. Your loosing your credibility at every blessing we encounter. I encourage you to not let this world talk you out of your passions or God’s calling, and may you always get the words of wisdom worth listening to.


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12 Responses to World’s Advice on Children

  • Karina Pope says:

    You’re an inspiration to many moms. Especially me!!

  • Sarah says:

    It’s lovely to hear someone talking about their children so happily. Sometimes it seems as though we only ever hear the bad stuff – the difficulties in having children.

    Thanks so much for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  • Donna says:

    Hi Brittany. Yes, the world does tell us all of the things you mentioned. I have probably been guilty myself! You and Tim are an inspiration to us all. Your love for each other is amazing and you have become wonderful parents. I am very blessed to get to be a part of it all!

  • Carol says:

    So good to hear your view of the blessings in your life. Children are a blessing of the Lord! It is good to depend on the Lord for our needs as a family. Visiting from “Making your home sing”.

  • Aren’t you thankful ‘they’ were all wrong?! What a sweet way of putting a post about having children. So original.

  • Dolly says:


    It seems that these days the world is always SEEKING to discourage moms, especially young ones with more than one child.

    Children are a blessing!

  • Leigh Anne says:

    I LOVE this post! I feel the same way as you. I have 4 kids under 4 and the world tells me I am crazy all the time. I have had people tell me they would ‘drink heavaly’ if they had so many kids. Ouch! I love this life- like you I choose to find the joy in each stage! Thank you for writing this! Stopping by from Titus 2days Link Up.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Oh, I love it! We have #8 coming in January… at this point people pretty much just think we’re crazy and leave us alone. (One friend took the news in stride and said, “Well, it’s you, so congratulations. Me, I would be slitting my wrists, but it’s you, so it’s good!”… ) Even funnier is when they find out we homeschool, too… LOL

    I couldn’t imagine life without all my littles!

  • Candace says:

    What sweet words about your precious children! Sometimes the advice of others can make you crazy. So glad I was your neighbor this morning on Encourage One Another to find you. My oldest just moved out and I love reading about younger moms’ joy in their little ones. Enjoy every stage of life with them!

  • You’re so right – people give all that crazy “advice” about kids when they’re SOOO wonderful! : )

    What’s sad is that I got more advice like this from fellow Christians than I did from “the World.”

  • Laine says:

    We loved, loved, loved raising our four children and homeschooled them all through high school. Those were some awesome years. So much so that we just had to adopt a precious liitle baby from China, waiting almost 6 years for her. She is four years old now, and we are in our fifties feeling absolutely blessed from God. Our grandchildren live next door to us, which is a triple blessing. And two more grandbabies on the way! “Every wise woman builds her house.” Blessings from God to you, dear!

  • Eileen says:

    Love this! So true!

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