Five Ways To Be A fighter

As I go through this life and am faced with the ups and downs that come along with it, I have realized that this here wife and momma needs to become a fighter! Not only for myself but for my home and family. It is no secret that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. You better bet that the more you love the Lord then the more he is waiting to pounce at any opportunity he can get. I have gathered five different ways to bring out the fighter in me so I can stand boldly and protect this sweet family of mine.

The crazy crew I’m fighting for.



1. Be a prayer warrior. Honestly, I’m always a little leery of this phrase. After all, we should be praying all the time any ways. This isn’t just some spiritual gift that some have and others don’t. This is a command and it is for our own benefit. What I mean by the phrase prayer warrior is to pray with a vengeance like you and your family’s life depends on it, because in actuality it does. I often struggle in this area. I’m slowly trying to train my mind and heart to pray throughout the busyness of days. Even simple words directed to God amidst chaos do not go unheard. When we are talking to God, rather it be thanking Him for a moment, or asking for help, our hearts are directed to Him. There is such power behind that, and most of the time we are never even aware of it.


2. Surrender no opportunity. We have all heard Christians and non Christians say, “Never go to bed angry.” This is a statement that holds true, however the reasons go very deep. This not only means to fix problems with your spouse before the next day. This also hold true to any offense that has been made our way. It delights satan when we have been offended. He would love nothing more than for us to harp on words that were spoken by whomever they may be. He is the one in our brain replaying the tape recorder over and over again and laughs as we get madder and madder. Let’s stop this in its tracks and give over no opportunity to weaken our spirits. He wants us weak so he can take his chance to pounce on us or our family. Solve your issues with anyone right away as if you and your family’s life depended on it, because in actuality it does. This will not only form a hedge of protection for your family but will influence the offender and your children.


3. Gather your army. I heard a phrase at Bible study, “Run to the throne and not the phone.” I 100% agree with this. When issues arise we should run to Jesus and not the first person we can think of to call. However, every good strong fighter knows they need other strong fighters around them. They need the accountability, the trust, and someone to help them up when they’ve fallen. We all will fall, so we need our armies close. Surround yourself with them like as if you and your family’s life depended on it, because in actuality it does. This also means that we pick up other members of our army when they fall, or perhaps fight alongside them as well.


4. Look at the big picture when the little one stinks.  Oh man… this one gets me. In the middle of those crazy, hectic days when the kids are fighting, your running on little sleep, and everyone and their brother wants to call ya, it hard to keep your boxing gloves on. Most of the time I want to throw mine out the window. When we look at our current situation instead of the big picture of God ordained interruptions its easy to grow weary. In all this, we are not praying, and we are giving the devil major opportunity to succeed. We must keep our vision. Someday, the vision might be to simply keep everyone alive, fed, and make it to bed that night. Even in that, there is hope to make it through those tough days. Other days your vision may go further into the future of the kind of people you are trying to train for God. Either way, when things are tough, look up to God and ahead. Do this as if you and your families’ life depended on it, because in actuality it does. When things are easy remember to look down at those sweet faces and enjoy.


5. Be determined, not overtaken. We must wake up each day with war paint smeared on our faces in determination to rise above, receive grace, and give it.  Do this as if you and your families’ life depended on it, because in actuality it does. Rather we want to believe it or not, we are in a war zone. This could be with the world, or even our own flesh. The best news of all is that we are not alone in any of this. We can feel undertaken at times, but we truly never are because God has already won the victory. He is on our side and is whatever we need Him to be at any given time. Some days he may be our revolver to blow satan’s head off. Other days He may be our bullet proof vest to protect us from blows from the enemy. There may even be days where He is simply are place of rest and refuge to recuperate from the battle. He is so good to us.


Never give up when things look hopeless, others are in the same battle. You never know, there may be someone in your army praying on your behalf 🙂


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7 Responses to Five Ways To Be A fighter

  • Stopping in from Mama Moments. This is such a great list, and so true. We would all keep our lives and marriages on track if we could only stick to this. When we run to the phone or go “off the rails” when things get tough and we can’t see the big picture, we get ourselves into trouble. We need to trust in God. So glad I stopped in for a little encouragement. Blessings.

  • Nicole says:

    Beautiful list, thank you for sharing. I love the “run to the throne, not the phone” – I’ve never heard that and it’s cute and true! I’m working to build community around me and working to forgive those that have hurt me. I am easily offended and I know it’s a tool the devil uses against me. I’m so grateful that God not only lays out how we should live – but that He helps us too!

    Nicole @ WKH

  • Jennie says:

    I love this list! Thanks for sharing!
    I have a giveaway going on, would love for you to check it out!

  • Adele Brown says:

    I love #4! It is just a great reminder to look at the big picture because God knows what He is doing and we just need to relax and let Him take the reigns!

  • Donna Short says:

    Wow! Some things have been going on in my life and I really needed this. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder of how to deal with a difficult situation when life smacks you in the face.

  • Thanks so much for these reminders! They are so true, and I needed them this week!

  • I’m glad I stopped by from Sunny Simple Life. Great post!

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