To My Friend

On my sidebar I have a gadget that allows me to see the direction of the traffic I get on my blog. On this gadget I can also see what someone may have typed in a Google search about a certain topic that led them to my blog. One particular phrase I have seen get searched that led them here quite a few times is,” I’m a tired Mom,” or,”I’m a worn out Momma.” This breaks my heart for these women who are searching the internet for encouragement.


If I personally knew you, whomever you are, I would have you over to my house. I would do my best to clean it so you could walk through the toys, make sure the last kids who went potty flushed, and light a fall smelling candle to hide the smell of burnt cookies I tried to make you. When I heard the doorbell ring I’d check to make sure I didn’t have food smudges on my face from the kids and remind them to please be nice and welcoming! I would give you a big hug around your neck and say, “Oh girl you’re not ALONE!” We would chow down on burnt cookies and coffee while reminding children to share and spill or guts.


Whoever you are sweet friend, please know that any mom who can be real and is worth having as a friend will tell ya that this whole momma thing is no walk in the park. Please don’t look at my blog or any other blog out there for that matter as to how you don’t measure up. Obviously you’re doing something right or you wouldn’t be searching for words of encouragement to pull you up.Unfortunately there is no secret formula to make it easier. We must link arms and push ahead together looking at Jesus who called us to do THIS job, to raise THESE kids, and to do it all with THESE circumstances He has given us. Nobody can do your job the way God called you to do it, not even the supermom down the street who is always pulling out those homemade casseroles at 6:00 on the dot with a spotless kitchen.


God will finish this work He has started in you. Stay faithful to Him. Yes, you will be tired but somewhere there is an inner strength of the Holy Spirit that keeps us putting one foot in front of the other when you may not even want to. Stay the course friend, breathe, keep your eyes on JESUS, and one day your children will produce that fruit you are yearning to see. You’re investing in the eternal, there is no way to measure your worth in God’s eyes. He sees our exhaustion and probably even chuckles when the baby climbs on the table for the millionth time. Through all of this He is growing us and giving us sweet memories to look back on and think, “How the heck did we make it?”


So friend, if your reading this today, just remember you were equipped long ago for this job. Take those negative thoughts captive that tell you you’re not good enough, and remember who’s you are. Rest in that today until you can climb in that bed again tonight with a smile on your face knowing you’re doing the work of God.

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One Response to To My Friend

  • Donna Short says:

    I am no longer a worn out mama, but I am a worn out woman trying to make it in this crazy world. Thanks for the encouragement…and if you find out who was looking for encouragement, I could help y’all eat the burnt cookies.

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