Crazy Personality?

Ever wondered why you are the way you are? What is it the way you were raised, temperaments that were passed down from generations past, or people who you surround yourself with? The older I get the more I am seeing that God gave me this personality for a reason. He does this for all of us in order to weave together His perfect plan, from the perfectionist all the way to the laid back procrastinator.


I would describe my personality as goofy, laid back, and rebellious. I know that these were God-given to tailor to my family and their specific needs, just as my husbands and children’s personality were meant for my needs. I have not always been so laid back, but I think God has formed this out of necessity for not going insane when things don’t go my way. As far as the rebellion, I’ve always had that. God is using it in greater ways for His glory than the, “Not listening to authority,” idea you get when you hear someone is rebellious. Instead, He is showing me not to follow crowds and basically do the opposite of the world.


Today, let’s stop comparing ourselves to others we wish we could or should be like. We have these God-given personalities for purpose. Let’s use them for His glory!

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One Response to Crazy Personality?

  • Donna Short says:

    I often wonder why I am the way I am. Sometimes I really don’t like who I am, but I know that the Lord everything, even our most unattractive character traits. Thank goodness He loves me any way, even when I am stubborn and inconsistent. Thanks for reminding me not to compare myself to others and to allow God to use my character traits for His glory.

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