Contagious Christianity

I have seen and heard far too many times that “Christians” have a bad reputation. People say we are judgmental, hypocrites, and sticks in the mud. We have all met these kind of people. They always have an opinion and always feel the need to point out what you are doing wrong. As Christians we can become so involved with our little churchy bubble that we forget to look at what is truly going on around us. The truth is, getting outside our bubble is what we are called to do.


Something we have to constantly keep in mind is that people who aren’t Christians don’t think the way we do. When we speak up against controversial subjects such as abortion and gay marriage we need to stand up for truth yet tread carefully. I am in no way saying we need to be ,”politically correct.” I don’t believe in that! We do need to be sensitive to the fact that they don’t have the Holy Spirit living in them giving them discernment. Before Jesus saved and redeemed us we were no different. Our goal should be to attract as many people to Jesus as possible with the small amount of time we are allotted on this earth. To be condemning, pushing sin in their face is not showing them Jesus and is not going to change their mind.


People are watching and see how we react rather that be on a post we put on Facebook or the comments we make on others post. We want to be the kind of people who are contagious. When a non believer has a bad day we should be the first people they want to call. When they are having a great day we should be the person they want to celebrate with. When we live to love them they can’t help but see Jesus. I think we can all admit that it is hard to let your light shine when you’ve isolated yourself. I know, I’ve been there. When you feel ridiculed for your beliefs or feel as though you don’t fit in you want to hibernate with all of the people who think the exact way you do. Doing the exact opposite of that is what this world needs. Here a few small ways we can show people what it truly means to be Christ followers and draw them closer to Him.


Ways to be contagious and fun

  • Encourage, encourage, encourage. Who doesn’t like to be around someone who makes them feel great about themselves?
  • Pray for them, and even tell them you are.
  • Don’t preach but persuade with truth. Share your experiences and how God has bought you through.
  • When people do something you don’t approve of DON’T SHAKE YOUR HEAD! Ask what they need from you to help mend situations gone bad.
  • Don’t take life too serious. Laugh at yourself always.
  • Do take their life serious, and realize it is a life to be won to Christ.
  • Walk what you believe, don’t just say it.
  • Be ready at all times with answers to questions about God that they may have.
  • Remember that you can still remain true to your values without sticking your nose up when they say a cuss word in front of you.
  • Love them because He first loved us.

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2 Responses to Contagious Christianity

  • Donna Short says:

    Thank you Brittany! You have no idea how the Lord is using you through your writing. I have been that “hibernating” person for a while. Thank God that my family and friends chose to love me through it. I believe that the Lord used that time to show me that no matter how useless I feel or how much I want to quit, He refuses to allow me to waller in my own misery for too long. At every turn, there was someone there to encourage me and lift me up. I am a believer and I have been for many years, but sometimes life slaps you in the face and you are left to wonder what happened and where God is. The truth is, He is there always. He loves us so much and you are right, I need to get out there and be a light to others. I appreciate your encouragement. Keep up the good work!

  • Jenny says:

    Thank you for the honest post! I strive to show Jesus to everyone but fall short many times and appreciate the encouragement.

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