The Countdown

Alright y’all, I’ll admit that the Christmas spirit was no where in sight as I ran from store to store getting last-minute gifts. The countdown is on, and I was feeling the pressure. I have never waited this long to Christmas shop before…Never again. I’m sitting here tonight thinking about all of the things that got crossed off my list and I feel nothing but guilt. Did the guy at the checkout catch me rolling my eyes? Did the woman in the next store notice how short my words were? Did I even smile at her?


It’s no one’s fault but my own for my procrastination. The thing I have to remember is that God is still working amidst my imperfections. Who was I suppose to minister to today and didn’t?  I am a firm believer that every single detail is orchestrated by God. He knew every store I would be in today and knew of every person I would pass. I am supposed to be Jesus. Today, I failed.


The great thing about this God we serve is that He is a God of grace and second chances. Tomorrow as the countdown to Christmas keeps ticking I am going to practice what I preach. I am going to keep God first so everyone else will fall in next with myself being last.


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one gritting my teeth today! Who’s with me for a better tomorrow? Here’s to making the most of the countdown…

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One Response to The Countdown

  • Elise says:

    I can totally understand….I woke up only to realize the teacher presents had not been wrapped….so that was the first thing I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO DO w/o coffee this morning. 🙁 But her teachers deserved a gift, so I gritted my teeth and wrapped. As for the shopping, I try to buy early- like July- here and there when things are on clearance or major sale so I’m not stuck out there with the crazy rush, plus I save money too 🙂

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