A Real Woman (Modesty)

A real woman is secure, confident, and glows from the inside out. She holds it all in until the doors are closed and she gives her husband all she’s got. Yep, that’s a real woman. She doesn’t give details about her sex life or talk about her body. Her words are discreet.


She is respectful of other woman in the way she talks to their husbands and covers her body around them. She respects the husbands by not causing them to stumble. She respects her own husband by showing him he is the only one who has all of her. Se respects herself by not feeling pressure and the need for comments. She doesn’t use Facebook, pictures, or her breast to give her satisfaction. She looks to God for her self-worth.


Ladies, lets hold each other accountable in the way we speak, carry ourselves, dress, and yes, even the looks we give. Show your husband a real woman of God. Something to be treasured, cherished, and made only for him. Love him like there is no tomorrow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Protect your husbands eyes and heart. Let’s begin today teaching our sons the importance of pure thoughts and respecting women’s bodies. Let’s show are daughters a real woman in the way we live each and every day.


Anyone else with me? Any ideas on ways to protect our husbands and sons? Surely I’m not the only one rolling my eyes at the Hardee’s commercials!!! Please subscribe and share:)


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6 Responses to A Real Woman (Modesty)

  • Melissa says:

    It’s always bothered me…but now that I have a daughter, it hurts my heart to think how bad things will be when she’s a teenager. Thank you for sharing Brittany. I feel like things get worse and worse when it comes to the subjection of women (and in some cases, men too…i.e. Magic Mike, etc.)

  • Linda says:

    What a lovely image you’ve drawn for us with your words. Thank you!
    As far as protecting our sons, helping them hide the Word in their hearts – discussing scripture such as the one from Phil 4 that says “whatever is true, whatever is noble . . . think on these things” – have conversation often about self-control and discipline. We can’t control the world, but we can (with God’s help) control ourselves.

  • Megan Gadd says:

    Praise God for this post! I completely agree 🙂 By God’s grace I have committed myself to only speak positively about my husband not only to others but also to myself. I have learned to accept him just as he is sins and all and know that he is a blessing from God! I am learning that his sins and all. His sins are used to refine me and my sins are used to refine him. I was once told by a godly woman that the “eye stops where the line stops”. As a godly women, I strive to show my respect for my husband in the way I dress in front of other men and for myself. At the same I try and remember a principal from the world that says “if he ain’t sleeping with you, he ain’t sleeping alone”. Therefore, it is my duty to keep my husband satisfied. Not grudgingly or out of discust, but with a pure heart of love that flows from Christ! I also strive my best to keep my weight near my married weight even after having countless children so that I am still attractive to my husband. I also shower everyday and put makeup on so that I am presentable to myself, but especially my husband. These are some of the many things that God has taught me in over 10 years of marriage. I humbly hope they can bless others :)..

    • Brittany says:

      I agree. Over the years you learn it’s not about you but your husband. When we can figure out how to put them first as God wants us to, it can make all the difference!

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