Sick Of Waiting

Do you ever feel stuck? Like God has something planned around the corner, a desire to be met, but it’s just not happening? That is the way we have felt for the past several months. It’s no secret to those who know us well that we want to be on a long dirt road in the country, gardens everywhere, with noisy kids and animals filling up the yard. Yet, here we are on the side of a paved road with neighbors at every turn of our head. Its hard not to get discouraged when a dream you have in your heart isn’t happening as fast as you want. You feel like your spinning your wheels, wasting time and potential.


Something Ive learned recently… just because I’m not there doesn’t mean the plan isn’t in progress. It doesn’t mean the way isn’t being paved. God puts strong desires in our hearts for a reason. Sometimes He gives us our desires immediately, other times He builds patience, perseverance, and contentment allowing us to do His work right where we are. The key is we are never truly stuck. We are always moving forward. Rather its good useful progress is up to us. God is always working, molding, and pushing. Do we conform to His image or resist and have a pity party?


So whenever your sick of waiting remember we never really are. We are making strides in His perfect plan.


What are you waiting for today?

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2 Responses to Sick Of Waiting

  • Melissa says:

    Hang in there! God got us a huge step toward our homesteading goal in miraculous ways–a home on a couple of acres out in the country for half the price of every other like it. It’s not the one we have in our dreams but it’s all we need right now and it is in the country (we are content) and maybe it’s the homestead we’re to have after all. Right now we are burdened with the desire to be debt-free. We can’t wait to pay off our house. But we are waiting, waiting on the Lord.

    I enjoy your blog. I am so glad to have stumbled across it! Bless you Brittany 🙂

  • Stacy Smith says:

    I have been feeling this same way. Just stuck. Im very greatful for your post, it came to me at iust the right time.
    thanks again
    stacy s.

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