21 Reasons To Love Homeschooling

Reasons To Love Homeschooling

  1. You get to see the joy on their face when they, “get it.”
  2. You can have school in your pajamas.
  3. If the kids are sick Monday and Tuesday no big deal just do school Saturday and Sunday.
  4. You have the chance to pick any time for vacation throughout the year.
  5. You can do your school outside when the weather is beautiful.
  6. The bank is school, the grocery store is school, cooking supper is school.
  7. Much shorter, “sit down” learning with lots of hands on.
  8. Participate in activities any time of day.
  9. If something isn’t working you can change it whenever you see fit.
  10. Take the day off just because you feel like it.
  11. You can cater to their specific learning needs and take your time or speed up.
  12. Eat, pee, laugh, talk, pray, sing any time you want.
  13. Learn to deal with loud siblings fighting right next to you while adding and subtracting.
  14. Understand the importance of others coming first.
  15. I get to be with them all day.
  16. I am their teacher and always have their best interest at heart.
  17. They think I am so smart. (For now anyways)
  18. I am learning along side them.
  19. We get to read together all the time
  20. If  Dad’s home, we just hang out with him for the day:)
  21. Siblings become best friends.


Have anything to add to the list? Has homeschooling ever intrigued you? Share!


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3 Responses to 21 Reasons To Love Homeschooling

  • CSteele says:

    Brittany! We haven’t officially met but I’ll see you at church! Thanks for blogging, especially this one! We are right in the midst of deciding on curriculum, how to proceed, etc, and this list just reenforces everything we’re living right now. Good one! Thank you!

  • People always look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m planning to homeschool. This list just helps to reassure my decision!

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